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Bike bags and panniers for bike transport

What could be more environmentally friendly than cycling? Big cities all over the world have recognised the relevance and are creating more and more spaces for cyclists. Leave the car behind - and get on your bike, is the motto. Cycling is no longer exclusively about getting from A to B. It has long since become a way of life. Rather, it has long since become a popular, health-promoting sport. Accordingly, more and more helpful technologies are finding their way in. No matter whether for hobby cyclists or ambitious racing cyclists and mountain bikers. And a lot has also happened in terms of accessories, which include bicycle bags as well as numerous other gadgets.

As much as the advantages of cycling outweigh those of using a car - storage space is scarce on two wheels, unless you really want to carry a backpack. Bicycle bags provide the best possible remedy in this respect; they are, so to speak, the boot for the bike. Bicycle bags come in various designs and sizes. Some of them simply serve as storage space for valuables, others are designed so that you can store your tools and spare inner tubes. This way you can ride with a clear conscience and without fear of being left behind. But Keller Sports doesn't just offer classic saddle and handlebar bags. You can even find transport bags for wheels or even for your entire bike in our online bike bag shop.

What are the advantages of bike bags?

Of course, bike bags primarily offer you the possibility to store various things. First and foremost, repair kits, spare inner tubes and air pumps. You can store all this in the practical frame bag Frame Pack by EVOC or the EVOC Seat Bag. But the obligatory helpers in an emergency are often not the only companions. Keys, wallet, mobile phone and rain jacket need to be safely stored during a bike tour. EVOC also has the right bike bags for handlebars and saddle, which we will discuss in more detail. When we think of bike bags, we generally think of handlebar, saddle and frame bags.

But when it comes to transporting larger bicycle parts or even entire bikes, there are also special bicycle bags - specially developed transport bags for bicycles. Here, the Swedish-Norwegian duo Jon Olsson and Truls Brataas, who are responsible for founding the trendy brand Douchebags, have created smart solutions: With The Wheelie model, athletes who need different sets of wheels for their races or holidays abroad get their money's worth. With The Tour bike bag, which even has wheels, you are able to safely store and transport your entire bike.

What are the details of bicycle bags?

As already mentioned, there is not just "one" bike bag, but a wide range. You can find out which bike bag is the right one for your needs in our bike bag store. However, here is an overview of the most important features that a premium bike bag should have. Let's start with the space wonders from EVOC. The company, founded in Munich in 2008, specialises in the production of bike bags and protector backpacks and is one of the most popular brands on the scene. Not only hobby athletes rely on the products of the Bavarians, EVOC also enjoys enormous popularity with the big professional teams.

For example, the bora-hansgrohe team has been touring since 2021 with bike bags from the brand, which researches the latest technologies in the Munich district of Giesing. In addition to high-quality travel bags, EVOC also offers models for handlebars, saddle and frame. These offer the best possible protection and the largest possible storage space. The range varies between bike bags with a capacity of 0.3 litres and bike bags with a full 5 litre capacity.

Bike bags that are particularly suitable for stowing small repair kits and bicycle inner tubes or that generate plenty of space for valuables, rain jackets and the like. EVOC bike bags are also made of waterproof material. Some versions also use a technology that ensures particularly easy attachment: Thanks to the rotating mechanism Boa Fit System, a precise, individual fit can be adjusted and the bike bag can be quickly and securely attached to the bike.

Bicycle bags especially for travelling

So much for the advantages of handlebar, saddle and frame bags for bicycles. However, Keller Sports has other bike bags on offer that are specially designed for travelling and for carrying larger parts. For example, the Wheelie wheel bag from Douchebags, which comes in a set. It allows you to safely transport different wheel sets and is designed for wheels from 26" to 29". The Wheelie comes with a large zip opening, which makes it easy to store the wheels.

Rigid OE plastic plates also protect the brake discs and cassette from damage. Are you a passionate road cyclist and want to take your entire bike with you on holiday? Then you should definitely take a look at Douchebag's The Tour bike bag - a transport bag for bikes in which you can store your entire bike comfortably and safely. The Tour was developed together with the professional team Sky and is easy to handle and robust at the same time. Thanks to the special shape of the bike bag, you don't have to unscrew the handlebars and saddle.

Additional pockets also ensure that the front and rear wheel as well as the pedals also find a safe place. An integrated aluminium holder ensures that your bike is always positioned correctly and the frame is protected from scratches or similar damage. What's more, thanks to the attached wheels, you can pull The Tour bike bag behind you like a trolley and don't have to carry heavy loads. As soon as you have removed your bike, you can fold the bike bag to save space and store it easily.

The best bicycle bags at a glance

  • Saddlebags: EVOC saddle bags are available in different sizes and designs and are particularly easy to attach. This is ensured by the Boa Fit technology, thanks to which you can adjust everything individually and precisely via a turning mechanism. Waterproof material ensures that your belongings are always protected from adverse weather conditions and stay dry in the bike bag at all times.
  • Handlebar bags: EVOC handlebar bags like the Handlebar, which holds an impressive 5 litres, are also partly equipped with the Boa Fit System. Other models like the Multi Frame Pack are also variably attachable. In this case, loop fasteners serve for a secure hold on the handlebar or top tube. EVOC handlebar bags are of course also made of waterproof material.
  • Frame bags: EVOC frame bags offer additional storage space on the top tube. You can store repair kits, inner tubes, rain jackets and other small utensils in them. Because the bike bag is mounted close to the handlebar, they are easy to reach at all times. Simply attach the water-repellent frame bags to the frame with velcro loops - and set off on your next adventure!
  • Wheel bags: With the two-piece Douchebags Wheelie set, you can easily transport wheels to the race or on holiday. Thanks to a large zip opening, stowing is easy, cassette and brake discs are protected from damage by plastic plates.
  • Transport bags for bikes: Do you want to take the whole bike on tour? Then we recommend The Tour bag from Douchebags. Within a few minutes you can fit your road bike or mountain bike (up to 29") into The Tour. Extra pockets for front and rear wheel as well as for pedals and other equipment are also available. An aluminium holder protects the frame of the bike from unwanted scratches or other damage.

The bike bag shop at Keller Sports

Whether you are a professional, an ambitious hobby cyclist or a recreational rider - in the bike bag shop at Keller Sports you will find the right model for your needs. We offer a huge selection of handlebar, saddle and frame bags, as well as bike bags online for transporting wheels and entire bikes. With just a few clicks, your bike bag lands in your virtual shopping cart before it finds its way to you shortly afterwards. Keller Sports also offers regular discount campaigns, which you can even combine with our premium discount. Don't want to miss any more bike bag offers in the future? Then sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date with the latest news - including our bike bag offers.



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