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The ASICS GT series has been around for several years in different grades. The GT stands for Grand Tourismo. The addition Grand Tourismo usually describes very comfortable and well motorised models. This also applies to the ASICS GT series. The ASICS GT-2000 lies between the somewhat less cushioned GT-1000 version and the GT-3000 and GT-4000 running shoes. The individual shoes mainly differ in terms of cushioning and the type of pronation support.

All GT models, including the ASICS GT-2000, are perfect for long runs on asphalt and light trails. Especially for runners who tend to tilt their ankle inwards while running, the ASICS GT-2000 is optimally suited. Its various technologies make it strong in comfort, stability and durability. This is also why it is one of ASICS' best-selling running shoes.


ASICS is known for constantly developing their running shoes. With new technologies and materials, the shoes are constantly updated to achieve the most perfect result possible. In the case of the supported shoes, stability and comfort play the main roles. Here we would like to introduce you to the four most important technologies that make the ASICS GT-2000 the running shoe it is.

  • Dynamic Duomax: As mentioned briefly above, the ASICS GT-2000 has Dynamic Duomax pronation support. It is a noticeable arch on the inside of the foot. It is less pronounced than the pure Duomax support that is built into the ASICS GEL-Kayano, for example. The Dynamic Duomax support functions more as fatigue support. After a few kilometres, the ankles and ligaments become a little more unstable. It is precisely then that the pronation support ensures that you maintain your straight and dynamic rolling motion.
  • AHAR outsole: The outsole of a running shoe designed for long distances must be stable, have good grip and be durable. In the ASICS GT-2000, this is done by the so-called AHAR material. AHAR is an acronym for ASICS Anti High Abrasion Rubber. It is a rubber compound that has been reinforced with Kevlar fibres and is therefore particularly resistant. AHAR+ is even used in the particularly stressed heel area. Here, the Kevlar content is even higher than in the AHAR material. Kevlar fibres are otherwise known from bulletproof vests. So hard-wearing is rather an understatement.
  • Midsole made of SpEVA and FlyteFoam Lyte: The midsole is important to let the foot land softly when running and take off again full of energy. Comformity and reactivity are the two key words. In the ASICS GT-2000, two materials are used to ensure this. SpEVA is a further development by ASICS of the usual EVA material and stands for Special EVA. It retains the same cushioning properties of EVA, but significantly increases reactivity by adding small rubber ball-like elements. FlyteFoam Lyte is also a further development of the EVA material. Here, nanofibres were added. This has changed the structure of the material and made it more durable and comfortable to run in. The materials alone are proof of ASICS' great inventive spirit.
  • TPU Trustic System: The TPu Trustic System consists of a very stable TPU element under the midfoot. It holds the sole together, provides for less twisting of the midsole and thus enables a more dynamic impression of the ground. In addition, thanks to the TPU Trusitc System in the ASICS GT-2000, you have more stability when running. So you can add more miles to your run.


Of course, the ASICS GT-2000 has a whole host of other technologies. Like most ASICS running shoes, the GT-2000 has the world-famous GEL cushion in the heel and forefoot. For many years it has been THE trademark of ASICS, like the Air cushion at Nike or the BOOST material at adidas. The GEL ensures a soft landing with every step and thus protects your joints during training or competition.

This is exactly the field of application for the ASICS GT-2000 running shoes. An additional tip: The ASICS GT-2000 is not only great for overpronators. As a neutral runner, you can train your small foot muscles in a new way every now and then in a supported shoe. You benefit from the slightly less pronounced Dynamic Duomax support. However, you should do the main part of your running training in neutral running shoes.

Whether you're on the treadmill, the road or dirt tracks, the ASICS GT-2000 will go with you every mile of the way and take you and your running to a new level. Try it out. In our Keller Sports ASICS shop you can find the GT-2000 running shoes in various sizes, colours and designs for men, women and children.



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