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Your reward after a challenging workout? Aching muscles! We all know and dread the feeling. When relaxing baths and ointments can't help, the highly effective product range from Blackroll comes into play. With just a little effort you can help your muscles recover, increase your wellbeing and at the same time enhance your performance. Take home a roller today from Keller Sports and say goodbye to tense muscles.

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18 Recommendations


Your best friend for tired, stressed muscles.

The ingenious brain behind Blackroll products is the Schwabian Jürgen Dürr. The initial idea to release tension and muscle pain with the help of rollers was given to him by Jürgen Klinsmann. 10 years ago now, the manager prescribed his entire national football team massages with rollers from the USA. Jürgen Dürr can still remember them well: "In the beginning I wanted to sell the very same rollers in Germany, but the quality wasn't right, they looked like cut-offs from carpet manufacturers."

From foam to international success

What choice did he have? Jürgen Dürr took things into his own hands and, together with a friend, created the original version of the Blackroll we know today. Their choice of material was black polypropylene, a stable, odourless foam. The hollow roller was at first produced at a plant in Chemnitz and in 2007 the brand Blackroll was officially born. Today these versatile products are a true bestseller and are exported to over 20 countries. Professional sportsmen like Miroslav Klose swear by the healing effect of the small rollers and several physio awards are proof that Blackroll products can do more than just look good.

What makes Blackroll so unique and effective?

Those who want to make sense of Blackroll products must first look into the makeup and structure of the human body. The connective tissues that run through your body and envelope your muscles is called myofascial structures - fascias for short. Kinesiologists always emphasise how important it is to massage and knead this connective tissue so that it stays soft and supple, preventing the build-up of unpleasant knots.
But how many people can go for a massage on a regular basis? With Blackroll you can bring the massage to you. With targeted exercises and following the brand's competent instructions, you can heal a heel spur brought on by continuous overload or very painful low back pain yourself.

The Blackroll product range

Alongside the classic black roller, in the Keller Sports online shop you will find other products that will help you enhance your workout performance. The loop bands, available in different colours and intensities, are the perfect tool for improving your flexibility and coordination whilst looking after your joints. Large muscle groups are optimally strengthened at the same time.
To be able to deal with trigger points even more effectively, Blackroll have created the Twister. The small, hand-held tool loosens fascial adhesions and the special knobbly surface makes point-by-point stimulation of the strained tissue possible. To increase the effectiveness of the massage, the Twister and Duoball can be used together.
An absolute highlight in our online shop is the Booster set with two high-performance tools - the Blackroll Booster and a Slim Blackroll. Both of these offer you the perfect combination of a soothing massage and invigorating vibration, helping troublesome muscle ache and unpleasant tension become a thing of the past.