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Jürgen Dürr did not even know the word Fascien when he saw the German national team train with a white role in 2006. Coach Jürgen Klinsmann had brought the device with him from the USA, and the players were eager to work their muscles with it. Dürr informed himself, bought the device and saw a need for improvement. He was dissatisfied with the look and the quality and reinvented the role with a friendly form builder: in stylish black and made of the odourless, very stable foam polypropylene.

The Blackroll was born and was made in Germany from the beginning. The were so successful that in the meantime the US company produces at the Blackroll factory as well. And also the German football national team is equipped today with fitness small devices and Physiotools of Blackroll. In the context of this co-operation of the DFB with Blackroll there is even an own performance kit with the writing "DIE MANNSCHAFT" on it.


In close cooperation with athletes, scientists, physicians and physiotherapists, Blackroll has been working since its founding to develop health-promoting products. With Blackroll, which can increase the elasticity of muscles and fascia and thus improve well-being, a sensational debut was achieved. The self-massage roll quickly established itself on the market and has become indispensable in the fitness sector. But it did not remain with the simple Faszienrolle - the team around founder Dürr extended the product portfolio constantly.

In addition to the standard black roll, there are now also rolls with different shapes, diameters and degrees of hardness. More and more products to be able to process specific muscle groups even more specifically. For example the Blackroll Ball for back, neck and arms. The Duoball also relieves tension and can even reduce scar tissue with regular use. The undisputed highlight of current developments, however, is a black roll with a vibrating core. WIth the vibration the massage intensity of the classic Blackroll is increased even more and the blood circulation is promoted even more - appropriately it listens to the name "Booster".


  • Founding year: 2007
  • Founder: Jürgen Dürr
  • Company headquarters: Bottighofen (Switzerland)
  • Number of employees: 24
  • Annual turnover: not available
  • Website:
  • Sports: Training


  • For Hobby & Professional Sports: Since the use of Blackroll is simple and effective, it is recommended for professional and hobby athletes.
  • Awards: In 2009 Blackroll received the Physiopreis of the Thieme Verlag for the "offer with the greatest benefit for the target group".
  • Environmental protection: Blackroll products are free of chemicals and 100% recyclable.


Besides the different variations of the Blackroll including the vibrating Blackroll Booster you will also find the other Blackroll training equipment in the Keller Sports Shop: the Blackroll Ball, the Duoball, the Twister and also the Peformance Kit "DIE MANNSCHAFT". In addition, the Blackroll team has also developed the posture trainer and the high-quality and durable training bands in recent years - also to be found in our Blackroll Shop.

In addition we also offer the Blackroll training mat. The non-slip mat provides more safety and comfort during your yoga practice. In fact, yoga and exercises complement each other perfectly with the Blackroll products, because both provide mobility, freedom from pain, relaxation, a good posture and well-being in sports and everyday life. You can find all Blackroll offers in the Keller Sports Store.


As the positive effects of functional training with the Blackroll are so manifold, many competitive athletes trust it. Whether for faster regeneration, for general performance improvement or for functional training including special exercises for Blackroll. In addition to the national soccer team, the Telekom Baskets Bonn, the Deutsche Bahnrad-Nationalmannschaft, Claudia Pechstein and Lindsey Vonn also work with Blackroll products. With Blackroll, they all increase their flexibility, balance, mobility and strength through intensive self-massage. But the top priority for Blackroll is to also make a contribution to your health. It is not only about self-massage and training with the Blackroll, but also about the environment. All products are "Made in Germany", officially tested, among other things with the AGR seal of approval (except "Blackroll Block") and certified according to DIN standard. This ensures that they are free of hazardous chemicals and 100% recyclable.


In sports medicine, a revolutionary rethink has taken place in recent years. Fasciae, with their function for human anatomy and biomechanics, have increasingly come to the fore - both in competitive sports and among amateur athletes. Fasciae are structures of the connective tissue, which surround muscles and organs as a white, almost transparent shell. If the interaction between fascia and muscles is disturbed, this can cause pain. In this case one likes to speak of "glued fasciae", which are among the most frequent triggers for muscle or back pain. With a special fascia training for which the self massage with the Blackroll is predestined, the fasciae are made supple again and the pain subsides.



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