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The bike served as a creativity accelerator for the Chrome founders, but did not reserve exclusive rights among the brand's products. When a few young designers got together in Boulder/Colorado in 1995 to interpret the practical bag for themselves, they basically had the bicycle in mind. The new bags should be easy to transport there. But not only there. Even without sprockets, chains and tyres, the bags and rucksacks were intended to make everyday life in the road jungle easier. The basis for this was nylon in industrial strength and truck tarpaulins, which also met the requirements of the military. Stability and robustness were the top priority; even money shortages did not change this.

The messenger bag of the new Brand needed a stable buckle. No problem, with a little creativity it even became a trademark: instead of using standard buckles, the designers simply fitted belt buckles from the car, thus creating the greatest possible recognition value. Chrome products could hardly have been more unmistakable, a company history could hardly have begun more impressively - and the impression remained. The message of these stylish bags of the highest quality for sport and leisure, in the best sense of the athletic lifestyle, spread quickly. The fire soon expanded across continental borders to Japan.


Chrome products do not expose anyone to arbitrariness. What the American Brand produces always has a high utility value. This requires determination and a clear plan. Chrome wins both through intensive testing and close cooperation with pros who know exactly what is important for backpacks, bags and now even fashion. If in the end a Chrome article lacks sense and use, its cycle also comes to an end. The starting point of the fire was once the track bike.

Plus the city. It's where everything comes together for Chrome. The brand sees itself as a unique urban way of life. Biking on hard asphalt. Live out your creativity. Skating. At the Chrome dealer you can get products that will accompany you through the streets every day - on the bike, on the board or on foot.


  • Foundation Year: 1995
  • Company Founder: -
  • Company Headquarters: Portland, USA
  • Number Of Employees: 70
  • Annual Turnover: -
  • Website:
  • Sports: Outdoor


  • Durability: Chrome articles are made of the most robust materials and have a lifetime warranty.
  • Environmental Protection: Benefit decides. Chrome manufactures only useful products and pays attention to the consumption of resources.
  • Professional Input: Both the design and the professional team test new products before going to the Chrome dealer.


Apart from smart features and robustness, the decisive factor for urban stylistic elements is of course the visual appearance. Not too sporty. Not too fine. Chrome has understood the Athleisure idea perfectly - and implements it unerringly with restrained, clean designs. They serve as the basis for stylish, practical backpacks that are also happy to accompany you on your way to work, to a meeting or to a café. Ergonomic backpack straps are therefore just as much a part of the basic equipment as padded laptop pockets, smartly placed extra compartments for wallet, bottle, smartphone or keys and water-repellent, durable materials.

All guarantee a long life. Some models such as the Urban also have tabs on the outside to which you can attach something else. The best products, innovative ideas, in short, Chrome online can be found at Keller Sports. In our Chrome Store you will find both the smart backpacks of the American Brand and minimalist bags.


On the bike nothing should disturb, dangle or pull you permanently. This principle underlies every Chrome Sale. Everything must be firmly and practically stowed away, and at the same time protected from the elements at all times. Chrome products are designed with cycling in mind, so they fit into everyday life just as well. Especially as some models also have external nets in which you can transport your helmet or wet clothes. Just how well all this fits into the city and onto the bike is revealed by a look at Chromes Pro Team, which tests new creations itself. The bikers Massan Fluker and Jo Celso are among them as well as skater, biker and snowboarder John Cardiel.


Useful, durable equipment. For the city. That's what Chrome delivers. After all, people do not need more things. "They need better things that use fewer resources". That's why Chrome makes sure that its products really do make sense, exposing new creations to tests by its own team and by professionals. It is not decisive for the fire that its products are manufactured. Above all, it pays attention to how they are manufactured.



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