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It all began in 1923 when Mario and Irma Colombo had a vision, a dream of independence. Together they quit their permanent positions in order to found the "Manifattura Mario Colombo". A small company specialized in the production of gaiters and men's hats. Clothing that enjoyed great popularity in the twenties. The somewhat unwieldy company name, however, soon prompted Mario to find a new, more concise one. Together with some friends he wrote ideas on a pack of cigarettes before the current brand name emerged. The first three letters of the surname and the first three letters of the first name: Colmar was born. Colmar grew rapidly and made a name for itself outside Italy with its high-quality products. By 1936 the company had over 100 employees and sold its products to Persia, Egypt and other countries.

After the fascist regime under Benito Mussolini invaded Ethiopia and was banned from exporting by the League of Nations, the flourishing company faced its first serious crisis. Until cousin Edoardo Sala, who ran a cotton mill, made a decisive proposal. In addition to the gaiters and hats produced so far, the company also wanted to focus on work clothing. His specially developed cotton called "Massaua 10" was distinguished by its treatment with chemical agents, which not only prevented shrinkage and loss of quality during washing, but also proved to be extremely suitable for snow. And so Colmar equipped Leo Gasperl, the first record holder in speed skiing, with a special ski coat whose shape was reminiscent of a wingsuit. Colmar and winter sports: a love that should not be extinguished from now on.


With Colmar Sport, the Italian label from Monza delivers sportswear for ski and outdoor adventures that cleverly combines comfort and style. Almost 100 years of experience and know-how in winter sports guarantee down jackets and skiwear with style and high wearing comfort. The design of Colmar's collections for men and women is discreet, modern and sophisticated. Italian elegance that Colmar skilfully transfers to its functional sportswear. The company from Monza developed its ski clothing over decades for and together with professional athletes. Therefore the sportswear is technically mature and suitable for beginners as well as professionals. With the fashionable ski jackets you can also cut a fine figure off the slopes. After the Second World War, Colmar equipped the Italian Ski Federation with its top products. The cooperation lasted for several decades, during which time medals hail at world championships and Olympic Winter Games for the Colmar athletes. Also because Colmar, in close consultation with the stars of the piste, constantly fine-tuned his materials.

For the 1952 Olympic Games, the Monza-based manufacturer developed the first truly aerodynamic nylon ski jacket made of elastic tulle, which first took ski racer Zeno Colo to the top of the podium and later became a bestseller among amateur skiers. This is how the slogan "In caso di neve, Colmar" developed - in the case of snow, Colmar. A clear indication that Colmar is the perfect companion for the piste and generally in the snow. But Colmar experienced the big boom in the late eighties, when a certain Alberto Tomba enchanted the ski world. "La Bomba", as the Italian was called, shaped a whole era with his inimitable style and is still considered one of the best ski racers of all times. At that time the company also changed its logo. The classic red circle, which had enclosed the company name for many years, was replaced by a stylized snowflake, which preceded the word Colmar - the logo was also intended to indicate the company's core competence.


  • Foundation Year: 1923
  • Company Founder: Mario Colombo
  • Company Headquarters: Monza, Italy
  • Number Of Employees: More Than 250
  • Annual Turnover: more than 100 million euros
  • Website:
  • Sports: Outdoor, Winter Sports


  • Awards: In 2018, Colmar received the ISPO award in the ski segment for its innovative "Technologic" ski jacket.
  • Professional Input: Colmar has been equipping world-class skiers such as Tina Weirather and Alexis Pinturault for many years.
  • Environmental Protection: Several Colmar products made from renewable resources.


At Keller Sports you will find a large selection of ski and outdoor articles of the brand Colmar. You have the choice between the extravagant designs of the "Colmar by von Orton" series or the classics such as the excellent Technologic ski jacket. But not only professional and hobby winter sportsmen will find what they are looking for at Colmar. We also offer high-quality Italian T-shirts and stretch jackets in our shop.


The main focus of Colmar is still on skiing. No matter what you need for your next ride, the Italian manufacturer offers you the perfect product. With nearly 100 years of experience, Colmar uses breathable and durable materials in your ski jacket or ski pants to help you master every descent. But it's not only in winter that you can rely on the high-quality clothing from Colmar. Because: Besides ski sports articles, the Italians also offer a large selection of clothing for outdoor activities, with which you are prepared for every occasion throughout the year. Colmar also uses materials from renewable sources for its outdoor articles, which guarantee freedom of movement and breathability when trekking or hiking and are also water-repellent - real all-rounders.


In 2009, Colmar recalled its decades of tradition and launched its own lifestyle line under the name Colmar Originals. In this stylish collection, Colmar takes vintage models from earlier years and interprets them in a contemporary and highly functional way. The old logo that gives the urban, trendy and yet sporty line that certain something and gives expression to the company's almost one hundred year history.


The main focus of the Italian manufacturer continues to be on functional ski fashion. Whether you're looking for a high quality ski jacket or trousers for alpine skiing or freeriding, Colmar Sport offers quality. The Colmar jackets test the company in a wind tunnel and use breathable and durable materials. Ergonomically cut, the comfortable skiwear from Colmar sits perfectly with every movement. It reliably protects you from snow, cold and moisture. Not only in winter does the Italian functional clothing accompany you. With Colmar Outdoor, you can purchase a line of fashionable and sporty apparel for all outdoor activities throughout the year. The trousers and jackets are stretchy, water-repellent and breathable. The Italians attach importance to comfortable and light fabrics. Preformed knee sections on the trousers, stretch fabrics and elastic cuffs give you the freedom of movement you need when hiking or trekking.



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