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For more than 120 years, Dolomite's cobblers have been keeping their last, maintaining the extraordinarily high quality standards of the time they were founded. Because of this straightforwardness, the story of the traditional Italian company from Cortina is quickly told: Guiseppe Garbuio, the founder of the company, was in the world for just 17 years when he opened his shoe shop including a small manufactory "Fabbrica Scarpa Montello" in 1897. Initially, the talented Garbuio created purpose-oriented work shoes for the outdoor sector. Of course, these were specially designed for the mountains. However, the know-how that the brand quickly acquired in the process was not hidden from the early protagonists of the emerging mountain sport.

Constant innovations and quickly proven technologies increased the good reputation of the company. The great mountaineering successes of the premium shoes did the rest as a result. The first ascent of the K2, one of the most difficult eight-thousand-metre peaks to climb, can be described as a hussar's piece. The Italian expedition team was equipped with Dolomite shoes. The "Mountain of the Mountains" was conquered as early as 1954. The next milestone in the company's history followed on 13 May 1960: a Swiss expedition team conquered the Dhaulagiri in Dolomite shoes - another demanding eight-thousander in the Himalayas. And even today Dolomite carriers climb the highest mountains or hike to the proverbial end of the world. They can always rely on their shoes.


The Italian national colours and a D stylized as a mountain accompany the Dolomite lettering in the Brand logo. Actually, that says it all. Dynamic mountaineering combined with stylish and high-quality Italian shoemaking. Dolomite has stood for this since 1897 and is far from tired of deviating from these principles. The focus is on quality, comfort and design both for the hiking shoes from the performance sector and for the lifestyle boots. The latter is often based on the scenic diversity of the Dolomites.

And those who know the breathtaking nature there know how inspiring it is. But even more important is the technological significance of the Italian brand for mountaineering. Dolomite's expertise not only influenced the beginnings of modern alpinism, but continues to drive it unconditionally to this day. No compromises in material, workmanship and innovation - performance is the ultimate goal. Whether Vibram soles, which guarantee a precise step, breathable mesh material or high-quality full grain leather for stability. All these quality features give Dolomite shoes an unmistakable character - from the sole to the upper.


  • Foundation Year: 1897
  • Company Founder: Guiseppe Garbuio
  • Company Headquarters: Givisiez (Switzerland), as a member of Scott Sports
  • Number Of Employees: K. A.
  • Annual Turnover: around 20 million euros
  • Website:
  • Sports: Outdoor


  • Durability: High quality materials give Dolomite shoes enormous stability and durability.
  • Professional Input: Experienced mountain guides rely on the premium quality of Dolomite and give feedback to the brand.
  • In-house Production: Innovative craftsmanship and Italian design: Dolomite articles combine both at the highest level.


Buy Dolomite premium outdoor shoes online? Keller Sports' Dolomite Store is just a few clicks away. The large selection of Dolomite articles ranges from trendy lifestyle models from the leisure sector to the high-end performance shoe Dolomite Veloce GTX for mountain use. You will also find particularly attractive Dolomite offers in our Dolomite Sale.

The lifestyle models of the "Cinquantaquattro Low" series score particularly highly with their optimally cushioning DAS Light footbed. It ensures maximum comfort even when worn for long periods of time. But not only function is important, Dolomite shoes always manage the balancing act between performance and design. The classic look of the entire Dolomite collection for men and women is optimally supported by the stylish colour selection. So whether you're looking for comfortable and stylish outdoor shoes for your next city trip or highly functional hiking boots for an autumn mountain tour, you'll find them in our Dolomite Online Shop.


The brand also defines its target group: Dolomite develops products for people who expect a high degree of quality, comfort and performance. People who love the Italian lifestyle and have a lot of passion. Dolomite also selects its brand ambassadors with caution and without regard to a possible glamour factor. These are some of the best outdoor athletes and true professionals in their field. Whether mountain guide and adventurer Elena Roddom, her colleague Harald Fichtinger or professional photographer Manrico Dell'Agnola. The path leads them all into adventure. Dolomite products make it possible.


From the Arctic Circle in the north down to Antarctica, from the Himalayas to the Andes. The competence and experience of Dolomite products has always led their owners to the most remote places in the world. In the meantime, the name Dolomite no longer only stands for high-quality outdoor expertise. Thanks to its timelessly simple design, the brand has long made a name for itself in the lifestyle sector and brings alpine charm to the city. Today Dolomite supplies stylish boots for winter and lifestyle shoes for summer. Comfortable hybrid footwear for alpine and urban areas.


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