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After barely escaping a tragedy, Holger Feist knew what to do. As a professional snowboarder, he set off for Austria in 1999 to shoot a video, but was caught in an avalanche there. Feist survived, but injured his back because of his avalanche shovel in his backpack. Considering the circumstances, a relatively small amount of suffering, which could have been avoided with a proper protector, Feist thought. On closer inspection, nothing was more obvious than to use his enormous experience in extreme sports to reverse this circumstance.

For 15 years, Holger Feist had jumped from the snow onto the gravel track, from powder downhill to fast trails. He was accompanied by photographers and cameramen and appeared in magazines and videos. The right protection was always lacking. A safe backpack with protector, which also sat well and was ergonomically optimally tuned. So we tinkered, sewed, experimented and in 2003 we finally finished the first functional backpack with a built-in back protector. EVOC's genesis had its first chapter.


The next chapter of the company history should start at the airport La Paz in Bolivia and could be titled as follows: When anticipation turns into disappointment and inspiration. With their protective backpacks on their backs, Feist and his travel companions waited for their bikes, which they had stored in a box at home due to a lack of suitable alternatives. Not a good idea, as it arrived in individual parts - just like their bicycles. A tedious start. But it is also a clear sign that we are once again becoming active ourselves. Bikers and winter sports enthusiasts lacked the right bag with maximum function and absolute safety when travelling. It was time to combine both. Without having mass production in mind, however, the bike bags were originally intended for personal use and some friends.

Until Bernd Stucke from Hong Kong came forward. Feist's long-time travel buddy had brought his bike to the Flying Ball shop for service, Feist's practical bike bag aroused the interest of its owner Mr. Lee. While Lee ordered 50 bike bags and became the first greeting customer of the EVOC brand, which was not even finally founded, Feist and Stucke became business partners. In 2008 - around nine years had passed since Holger Feist's accident - EVOC finally saw the light of day. Freshly founded, the brand appeared at ISPO shortly thereafter to pick up several awards. The "Evolution Concept? - short "EVOC" - sportier, more functional, high-quality backpacks and bags had turned out to be a real winning formula.


  • Foundation Year: 2008
  • Company Founder: Holger Feist and Bernd pieces
  • Company Headquarters: Munich
  • Number Of Employees: About 50
  • Annual Turnover: about 2.5 million euros
  • Website:
  • Sports: Bike, Wintersports


  • Awards: EVOC products are regularly awarded prizes such as ISPO Gold Award and Red Dot Award.
  • Professional Input: EVOC's innovative products are still created today by the professional experience of its founders.
  • Multi-Functionality: EVOC's backpacks offer space for a lot of equipment and protect the back thanks to their protectors.


What is decisive for EVOC products is a simple mix: best quality meets refined details, meets sophisticated functionality. In order to guarantee this, Brand regularly subjects its products to intensive tests - and may provide its protectors with the Category 2 certificate of the EU Standard 89/686/EEC for Protection Gear. EVOC will equip you with practical bags and backpacks both for your travels and for your adventures on slopes and trails.

But that's not all: EVOC's stylish products are also real eye-catchers in everyday urban life: the backpack quickly becomes more than just a practical accessory. In the Evoc Sale by Keller Sports you will find exactly the right equipment for your bike, from the backpack to the bike pack to the ski bag or the sturdy travel bag. With these Evoc offers you will be well equipped in the mountains.


EVOC's founders closely linked the history of the brand to their own experience from the very beginning. Professional Freerides. Photoshoots for magazines. Video shooting. Everything in over 40 countries and with ever new challenges. The lack of practical details quickly attracted attention and served as inspiration for EVOC's Protektor backpacks and bike bags. And even today, the makers of EVOC rely on genuine professional expertise: Freeride legend Wade Simmons is as much a member of the Brand team as downhill rider Valentina Höll or mountain biker Jeff Gulevich. In addition, Holger Feist and Bernd Stucke still travel around the world today to intensively test their EVOC products. They want to make sure that you get both practical backpacks and safe protection for your trips to the mountains and around the world.


Professionals have high demands - in order to fulfil them completely, you just need selected materials. This is why EVOC is constantly searching for high quality fabrics and only works with the best manufacturers. If there is no material that meets your requirements, EVOC will develop the material itself. In order to protect the environment, Brand uses for its products, for example, a PVC-free tarpaulin developed in-house - a waterproof, extremely stable and durable outer material for bags.


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