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The cornerstone for Merrell's success was laid in a caravan in Utah. Company founder Randy Merrell created his first handmade cowboy boots there in the seventies. First he sold his products only to relatives and for joy. But due to the strong interest in his shoes, he soon started commercial sales under the brand name "Merrell". Finally he decided to test his dexterity on hiking boots - and the news spread like wildfire. In 1981 Randy Merrell teamed up with two former managers of ski companies: Clark Matis, an American Olympic participant, and John Schweizer.

Merrell's outstanding craftsmanship, coupled with the industry experience and sporting instinct of Matis and Schweizer, proved to be the perfect combination. The team combined the technology of cowboy boots with a manufacturing process based on Italian shoemaking tradition. The thick heel cap ensured that the shoes lasted well over ten years. This "Wilderness Boot" with its unmistakable blue laces has remained in the range to this day. The "Backpacker Magazine" once called the Merrell boot "the most comfortable and functional boat in North America".


Since then, Merrell has continued to develop: As early as 1985 - shortly before Randy Merrell retired from the company - the first Gore-Tex shoes were offered. At that time, the material was used almost exclusively for premium sportswear and not for shoes. At the beginning of the 90s, the label finally introduced its first multifunctional shoe. Merrell has been part of the Wolverine Worldwide Group since 1997 and is now represented in over 170 countries. The product range in the performance sector comprises the segments Multi-Sports, Hiking, Barefoot and Aquasports. The quality is guaranteed by the cooperation with well-known manufacturers such as Vibram, Polartec or Gore-Tex.


  • Year of foundation: 1981
  • Founder: Randy Merrell, Clark Matis, John Schweizer
  • Company headquarters: Waitsfield (Vermont), USA
  • Number of employees: ca. 230
  • Annual turnover: approx. 500 million USD
  • Website:
  • Sports: Outdoor, Running, Training


  • Technology: Merrell relies on the latest technologies and state-of-the-art materials in production.
  • Awards: Merrell shoes regularly receive industry awards for their performance.
  • For hobby & professional sports: Merrell products are suitable for all performance levels - from hobby hikers to ultra trail runners.


Whoever wants to get far in outdoor sports depends first and foremost on good footwear. We as Merrell dealers therefore concentrate on the Trailrunning and Hiking Shoes from Merrell. These are all equipped with the latest technological achievements. For example, the Arctic-Grip outsole incorporated into the hiking boots ensures a solid footing and absolute slip resistance, even on difficult terrain such as ice or slush.

The running shoes, on the other hand, convince with a 0 mm offset between heel and ball, which guarantees you full ground contact and thus optimal running feeling. So you are always on the move at full speed - the resulting shocks are absorbed by the specially developed TrailProtect pad in the sole. In addition to all the technical refinements offered by Merrell's outdoor shoes, they also cut a fine figure in the urban environment thanks to their colourful design - real mountain lifestyle.


In product development, Merrell has been drawing on the knowledge of top athletes for decades. For example, the current winter boot Thermo Rogue 6 GTX was subjected to a field test on the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. In the process, a completely new form of winter hiking shoe was developed, which offers the best protection and slip resistance, but is also very light. Despite all its innovative strength, Merrell is known for all its products for longevity, the best possible comfort and high functionality . Even under extreme conditions. The Spanish-Dutch top runner Ragna Debats - equipped by Merrell - won the 2018 World Championship in Skyrunning and Ultra-Trail. The challenge was to climb 85 kilometres with over 5,000 metres of altitude difference. More proof of quality is hardly possible.


Run. Hike. Jog. Falling down and getting up again. Just do what you like. "Do what's natural" is the slogan of the Vermont-based company, whose ambition to this day is to make sporting challenges in nature as pleasant as possible. True to the American interpretation of "outdoor", Merrell designs its shoes not only for professional mountaineers or trail runners, but also for all outdoor activities. Our passion is to inspire more people to go out into nature," says Merrell President Sue Rechner.


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