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For a perfect match the right tennis shoes make a crucial difference: they have to fit well and comfortably, dampen the various steps and jumps you make while also minimising perspiration thanks to breathable material. Nike shoes provide all the properties in individual variations and combine them with high quality materials and a stylish look.


Blistered feet , aching knees or the horrible feeling of perspiration in your tennis shoes spoil the joy of playing for most players. However, high-quality Nike shoes won´t allow such discomfort. As a basis for a good selection of Nike tennis shoes we offer different models that have the optimal fit for every foot, while specifically incorporated soles cushion the impact of the numerous steps involved in running after the ball. The damping and spring properties should be selected in accordance with the body weight, to minimise the load on the joints. Taking into account the weight of the body and the shape and size of your feet is essential in avoiding injury. In order to counteract perspiration, Nike tennis shoes are designed with outstanding features: breathable materials allow air circulation and the removal of perspiration from the inside of the shoe while the shoe surface is designed to be durable with high quality synthetic leather, to reduce the wear and tear of the material. Take into account that even players who see tennis as a casual hobby should also take care when choosing tennis shoes to avoid an increased risk of injury. It is recommended that tennis players buy new tennis shoes every two or three years. The sole of the Nike shoes is also important when choosing what to buy: while smooth soles without much profile are preferable for indoor courts, outdoor players need the profile for optimum support while running after the tennis ball. Due to the special design of Nike tennis shoes, these are always lighter than conventional sports shoes and thus reduce the required effort of the athlete during training or a match.


In the Keller Sports online shop you can find high quality Nike tennis shoes for you and your loved ones at low prices and with fast, cheap shipping. Here you can find not only a great selection for children, ladies and gentlemen, but also expert advice: a pre-selection can be made with just a few mouse-clicks by using our KSPME ®, the Keller Sports Product Matching Engine. Here you can filter the right shoes for indoor and outdoor courts as well as other individual features that are important to you. For questions and uncertainties about the optimal selection however, Keller Sports offers not only good quality descriptive texts, but also a personal and knowledgeable team of consultants that know the range of Nike shoes first-hand and can give you tips and advice from their extensive sporting knowledge. Our team is happy to help you anytime during working hours if you have any questions or queries involving the purchase of high quality Nike shoes at great prices at Keller Sports.


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