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Maybe we're all striving for it. And how perfect that actually sounds. That we don't just work. At home, at work, at sports. But that we also embody a certain style: not loud and unpleasant, but rather relaxed and self-confident. That's exactly what Sorel's approach is all about. functionality and style, Sorel believes, is nothing that must be mutually exclusive. For them, it's even something that causes each other. This has been Sorel's credo since it was founded. Since 1962 it has filled the company with life. Sorel was founded in Canada, the first shoes were made for forest workers. Strong men who wanted to protect their feet on wet and cold days in autumn and in the freezing cold months of the Canadian winter. Where is a shoe used harder? The Sorel shoes held thanks to perfect handwork. And at the same time, the forest workers were given a shoe that, in addition to its function, also impressed with its style. Sorel paved the way for later. Out of the forest, into the city.


Sorel has not forgotten its origins. Even today their shoes are extremely weatherproof, robust and optimally processed. The seams of the classic models are now welded. Not a drop of water goes through the leather. Real classics, timeless and stylish, that enrich your wardrobe. But Sorel doesn't just live from the past. The brand moves with the times. The mix of today's collection is unique. The sturdy lace-up boot. The daring design. The stylish boat. Whether Instagram or trade magazine: The experts agree that you are on the right side with Sorel shoes. Sorel shoes captivate with their potential. You can look casual in the city with them. And you are protected in the same way when you are out in the open under the most adverse conditions. The reason for this is that many of the models have a felt midsole. It insulates the cold and keeps your feet warm and dry. And the outsole: it's made of vulcanized rubber. You won't slip with it. With both legs in your life. Functional and with style.


  • Foundation Year: 1962
  • Company Founder: Arthur Ratz Kaufmann
  • Company Headquarters: Portland, Oregon (USA)
  • Number Of Employees: K. A.
  • Annual Turnover: 228.8 million US dollars
  • Website:
  • Sports: Outdoor


  • Environmental Protection: Sorel is part of the Standards of Manufacturing Practices. It attaches great importance to sustainable production.
  • Awards: Sorels Kinetic Sneak won the Shape Sneaker Award 2018 in the category Best Walking Shoe.
  • Durability: Sorel uses only the best materials for its shoes - long durability becomes the standard.


Keller Sports offers the best selection of winter shoes and boots from Sorel. For example the Caribou ladies winter shoe. Often copied, never matched. It is the waterproof cult boot from Sorel. Sealed seams, removable ThermoPlus inner boots made of felt - it keeps warm and dry in the deepest winter. The same high quality features apply to the 1964 Pac Nylon for men. But also the other Premium winter boots, which we offer at Keller Sports in the Sorel Sale, do not have to hide behind anything and anyone. And even more not be afraid of adverse weather conditions.


Sorel writes about himself: "Our shoes are for all those who are not afraid that their shoes will get dirty." The shoes with the All Weather Guarantee and the Ice Bear Logo show under the most difficult conditions what is actually under their stylish cover. The robust materials and the perfect workmanship pay off exactly then - adventurers and outdoor friends thank them for it. But Sorel shoes are also meant for the new generation of those who are not afraid to go their own way. To be creative, to create something out of nothing. "Nobody has to be famous. Be yourself and everything will be fine" - says Sorel.


However, the company believes not only in the power of the individual, but also in that of the community. One lives up to one's importance and responsibility as a globally successful company. Sorel is committed to the communities in which its production partners operate. Since 2009, Sorel has also been involved in the HERproject. A long-term project for the welfare of workers of suppliers. It aims at the positive change of women's living conditions through workplace programmes with access to health education.


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