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Nature as an example - implemented in innovative technology - that's Bionik. The sports clothes from the Swiss company X-BIONIC® are efficient, trendsetting and innovative and set new benchmarks in the functional clothing sector. Among others, the clever X-BIONIC® bike collection is waiting for you, combining numerous functional characteristics and setting you up for great biking adventures. When running you will be able to push yourself just that bit further and you can enjoy a completely new lust for life when mountaineering. Their innovative ski underwear will keep you warm and dry on the pistes. The relentless X-BIONIC® range will whisk you away into the world of the top athletes.

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27 Recommendations

brand: X-Bionic

The perfect fusion of nature and technology

For over 20 years, the engineers at X-BIONIC® have been using innovative materials and high-tech research to bring you unique, perfectly made products. Top quality, optimum comfort and fashionable designs merge into functional sportswear that will have your back in every situation. You can rely on X-BIONIC® cycling and running clothes for all of your training runs.

The history behind X-BIONIC®

In 1997, German professor Bodo W. Lambertz founded X-Technology Swiss Research & Development AG. The first product they made was the X-sock, which conveyed a feeling of walking barefoot whilst keeping your feet dry. A short time later, the X-BIONIC® sports clothes concept revolutionised the market. Since then the company has received over 400 awards for quality and innovation. For the sixth time, X-Technology Swiss Research & Development AG has received the Plus X-Award for sport, technology and lifestyle.

What makes X-BIONIC® products so special?

The innovative technology from X-BIONIC® calls into question the concept of ordinary sportswear. With the running and cycling clothes made by the Swiss brand, the sweat from your body is used effectively instead of simply being drawn away. The 3D Bionic Sphere System on the back and chest helps your skin to cool down by trapping a thin film of moisture. In the meantime, the three-dimensional structures retain the heat and warm you up when you get cold. X-BIONIC® products help the human body to adapt better to external influences and so can help to make it more sensitive, superior and above all more competitive. The company owns more than 800 patents worldwide.

Clever technology that inspires

Thanks to the constant movement of air, the air conditioning channel draws away moisture from areas that are perspiring so that your body does not overheat even when working flat out. Thanks to their 6-dimensional elasticity, the functional X-BIONIC® materials guarantee you 360 degree movement and unbeatable comfort. Freedom of movement in all outdoor activities. Among other things, sports socks are designed to protect the Achilles tendon. The innovative material absorbs shock, is highly resistant to abrasion and protects your Achilles tendon from chafing and pressure marks. Do you always carry a rucksack when you do sport? X-BIONIC® t-shirts ensure unparalleled comfort without pressure marks and excessive sweating. The air duct pads on the back are three-dimensional knitted pads that distribute the pressure of the rucksack over a large area and ventilate the areas of the back that are prone to perspiring.

With the unique X-BIONIC® products from the Keller Sports online shop you will get a whole new feeling for sport. Be inspired by improved performance, a pleasant feeling on the skin and, above all, more fun when doing sport.