Don’t wait any longer: grab a pair before stocks run out! The new adidas SolarBOOST sets new standards in the field of technical running shoes. It comes equipped with sophisticated technology inspired by space travel! The SolarBOOST Launch Event in Berlin took place on 14th and 15th May. It saw the official launch of the adidas running shoe, and Keller Sports was there to witness it. What better place for the launch than the adidas Runbase Berlin? This urban meeting point for runners and athletes in the heart of Kreuzberg district was transformed into a whole SolarBOOST experience for all who attended. solarboost2 Moderated by Kai Pflaume, German marathon pro Philipp Pflieger and the adidas product expert team, the event served to introduce guests to SolarBOOST technology.

Adidas Solarboost: Rocket Science you can wear!

During the product design phase, the focus was on perfecting every single little detail. Inspired by aerospace technology, every component of the SolarBOOST has its own specific function and relevant technology. All redundant features have been disposed of entirely. The idea behind it all was this: space shuttles have only one way to go, and that way is straight up. The adidas SolarBOOST offers racket technology for your feet, so you can aim for the stars when you run. solarboost

Solarboost: Simplicity, precision and durability/sustainability

What makes this adidas running shoe so special? First of all, the use of revolutionary fibre technology called Tailored Fibre Placement, which we’ve already spoken about in this Guide. Thanks to this technology, threads can be placed with never-before-seen precision and joined to the rest of the material. This results in support exactly where you need it and flexibility in key areas too. adidas has proven that innovation and sustainability are not mutually exclusive by including Parley fibres made from recycled plastic waste. solarboost1 Professional runner Philipp Pflieger is really impressed with the SolarBOOST. He’s been working in close collaboration with the adidas Running department for 7 years now and he loves seeing his ideas influence the design of a product. During competitions and fast runs, he’ll be opting for more direct shoes. For 60-70% of his training runs, though, he’ll be wearing his pair of SolarBOOST, which he received on the way to EM 2018 in Berlin.

Run to Rise in Solarboost shoes

Wondering what the racket technology in the SolarBOOST shoes feels like on your feet? Others have found out already during the Run to Rise, which took place on the morning of Tuesday 15th May. Led by Philipp Pflieger, adidas runners from different cities joined together to try out the new SolarBOOST in a very special atmosphere. dav Alarm clocks went off at 4:30 am. Nothing like slipping into your running shoes and hitting the streets! The athletes shed their sleepiness with the sunrise, running through the sleepy streets of Berlin. The route followed the Spree river, past the “Alex” and into the district of Prenzlauer Berg. All the while with the morning sun slowly waking the city. solarboost_Titel Everyone in the group agreed that a morning run is the perfect way to get energised and start the day off right. Having run a relaxed 7k, the athletes went to the Deck5 Rooftop Bar to enjoy some refreshments. After a hearty breakfast, it was time to discuss the shoe. Positive aspects included the wider fit, which gives the toes more wiggle room, and the updated Fit Counter, which allows the Achilles tendon to move much more freely too. solarboost10 Conclusion: The adidas SolarBOOST is a neutral running shoe suited to all runners. It’s light, comfortable and provides you with boundless energy! Want a shoe that gives you energy for your very own Run to Rise? Best check out the adidas SolarBOOST for yourself then!