For many of us, sleep is a matter of course. We go to bed sometimes earlier, sometimes later, wake up the next morning sometimes refreshed, sometimes a little rumpled and start the next day. Yet we all spend about a third of our lives in bed.

Normally, you only really think about your sleep when something no longer works as it should. And that is not all that rare. According to the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Disorders, sleep problems or even sleep disorders are a constant companion of every fourth German.

The Blackroll Recovery Pillow is easy to take with you on trips and outdoor adventures.

Sleep is one of the most important factors for a healthy lifestyle. Only those who sleep deeply and, above all, sufficiently are one hundred per cent efficient during the day and can really put into practice everything they set out to do. Sleep is responsible for mental and physical recovery.

So it is not hard to understand that the topic of sleep is also becoming more and more important for athletes. Because regardless of whether we are competitive athletes or hobby athletes, each of us wants to be able to call up what we have in us in our daily training. And to do so as consistently as possible.

The Blackroll Recovery Pillow in the 2020 Test

But this only works if the recovery between the training units is optimal. It is not the training itself that makes you stronger, faster or fitter, but the regeneration afterwards, during which the body prepares itself for the next unit and optimises itself for it. There are a number of home remedies to make your own regeneration as efficient as possible.

From stretching after a round at the end of the day to a balanced, healthy diet, ice baths or fascia training, the range of possible measures is almost inexhaustible. However, recent studies show that sleeping, which has received little attention so far, has by far the greatest regeneration effect on our bodies. Nothing is worse for an athlete, at whatever level and in whatever sport, than poor or too little sleep.

Even in the tent, the Blackroll Recovery Pillow offers you a good night's sleep and a complete recovery from sports.

This is where special pillows like the Blackroll Recovery Pillow come into play. The Blackroll Recovery Pillow consists of pre-formed memory foam and adapts perfectly to you. No matter whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach.

With perfect ergonomics and the right degree of firmness, the Blackroll Recovery Pillow helps you develop a healthy sleep routine. Not only in your own bed, but also on your travels and outdoor adventures. When rolled up, it fits into any backpack turning nights in tents and bivouacs on the mountain or overnight stays in huts into real regeneration breaks for your body.

Never again wake up after a long mountain tour or a night in a strange bed with a tense neck and exhausted? Our employees Anna and Yannik thought that this sounded promising. They tested the pillow for you over the past two months.

Keller Sports Pro Yannik is thrilled with the new Blackroll Recovery Pillow

Yannik's field report

I do a lot of sport in my free time and am on the road a lot. That's why I found the concept of being able to take the perfect, restful sleep with me everywhere and be fit again so quickly extremely exciting. And what can I say, with the Blackroll Recoovery Pillow it was love at first sight (or rather the first night). It felt like my head was perfectly supported and I rolled around a lot less.

I also no longer had to reposition the Blackroll pillow with every turn. After a few days, I had significantly less neck pain and now and then even the unthinkable happened and I woke up before my alarm clock, but still felt perfectly refreshed. Whether it was imaginary or a really measurable effect, I quickly became quite indifferent.

I don't want to give up the Blackroll cushion. The best for the end. The travel bag is brilliant. It allowed me to take the pillow compactly and protected with me on many multi-day mountain tours and even sailing. I have never slept better in the cabin.

Keller Sports Pro Anna also takes the Blackroll Recovery Pillow with her on trips

Anna's field report

I am a big fan of the Blackroll Recover Pillow. To be honest, I never really thought about which pillow would be the most comfortable to sleep on, but the first time I put the Blackroll Recover Pillow under my head, I knew it was the most comfortable pillow I had ever experienced under my head.

Now the Pillow is indispensable in my life and even accompanies me on long train journeys or flights. Simply great, the comfort is so assured. The woman's handbag is thus getting smaller and smaller ;-).

My conclusion is that the Blackroll Recover Pillow is definitely suitable for all people, but especially for those who want to take their sleep and comfort in bed to the next level! Thank you Blackroll!

The Blackroll Recovery Pillow 2020 supports you on every outdoor trip and offers you a restful sleep for the best recovery.

More info about the Blackroll Recovery Pillow

The Recovery Pillow by Blackroll is a special pillow made of breathable high-tech memory foam. Due to its ergonomic shape, it gently and comfortably adapts to the head and neck and is suitable for all sleeping positions.

In addition, the pillow (dimensions: 50 x 30 x 11 cm, weight: 900 grams) is also a light companion when travelling. The pillow is made and certified in Germany. The price: 89.90 euros in the Keller Sports Shop.