Every runner is aware that the foot hits the ground hard when you’re runnng. Feet and ankles are under the most pressure. The natural rolling of the foot depends of the running style and construction of a running shoe. In order to minimise the forces, different brands have developed different cushioning technologies. But which technologies offer which advantages? Which cushioning suits your own style the best? We’ll show you which technology is suitable for which running style.  
But what is cushioning in running shoes really about? In short:
  • Reduce force during impact
  • For the protection of the musculoskeletal system
  • To conserve energy
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Adidas Boost™

Adidas boost™ technology tries to ensure a springy and light step, with foam in the midsole that consists of small energy capsules. Thanks to the energy capsules, the energy on impact is saved and returned to the runner when their foot hits the floor. A comfortable and stable fit is naturally guaranteed.

Advantages of adidas Boost™:

  • Comfortable running on different surfaces thanks to the non-slip rubber outsole
  • Energy kick thanks to the return of impact energy
  • Natural movement of the Achilles heel thanks to the ankle construction
  • Pleasant fit thanks to feather light insole
  • Lightweight shoe

Asics GEL® System

With the Asics GEL® system, two important demands of running shoes are combined: cushioning and stability. Das silicon material stabilises your foot during contact with the floor. The function of the cushioning resembles a feather. So impact forces are reduced. The Asics GEL® cushions are used in the areas with the highest verticle load: under the heel, the metatarsophalangeal joint and the ball of the foot to support the foot during impact. The inertia of the material stabilises the rolling motion with the first contact with the floor. Thus, the risk of injury through a twisted ankle or bad positioning is diminished.

Advantages of the Asics GEL® Systems:

  • Asics GEL® exclusively in certain areas of the shoe
  • Optimal fit for every foot shape
  • High comfort thanks to effective cushioning and more stability
  • Fatigue free and durable
  • Direct floor contact

Mizuno Wave Technology©

Smooth materials are frequently used for midsoles, so a large part of the impact force is noticeable in one part of the sole. The Mizuno Wave Technology © tries to spread the impact forces around the whole sole with a wave form and structure. The technology simultaneously guarantees cushioning and stability. The Wave-plate is made out of Pebax Rnew™, which is produced with a comebination of oil and plants. The concept tries to divert the released energy from the foot. The unique wave form pushes the energy forward during a step to ensure dynamics.

Advantages of the Wave Technology©:

  • Progressive support
  • Impact forces are diverted from the foot
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents overpronation
  • Supports dynamic movement
  One thing is clear, the different cushioning systems cushion all, but the foot also has to be sufficiently guided and supported.
Tip:  Your running shoe shouldn’t just fit the shape of your foot, but also your body weight and be suitable for your preferred discipline.
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