Under the motto "Unpack & Ski", Dynafit is the first manufacturer to launch fully pre-assembled ski touring sets on the market. With this idea, Dynafit revolutionises the touring ski market and offers winter sports enthusiasts perfectly coordinated equipment for the upcoming winter.

Whether powder descents or hard snow - the set contains the all-rounder favourites for all snow conditions. It couldn't be more convenient: Simply order the ski set, unpack it, have the binding adjusted to the touring ski boots by a specialist dealer and off you go on your ski tours.

DYNAFIT Seven Summits Women Touring Ski Boots (blue orange) 359,90 €
DYNAFIT Seven Summits Women Touring Ski Boots (blue / orange)
359,90 € *
DYNAFIT Seven Summits Men Touring Ski Boots (red black) 359,90 €
DYNAFIT Seven Summits Men Touring Ski Boots (red / black)
359,90 € *
DYNAFIT St Radical 92mm Ski Touring Bindings (silver) 413,90 €
DYNAFIT St Radical 92mm Ski Touring Bindings (silver)
413,90 € *

The Dynafit Seven Summits+ ski touring set

For the sets, there is a choice between the simple TLT Speed Turn binding without stoppers, or the Dynafit Seven Summits+ ski set described here, which has the Dynafit ST Radical binding, stoppers and folding climbing aids.

There is also a Dynafit Seven Summits Youngstar ski set for children. The sets each consist of touring skis, touring ski bindings and the ski skins. The skins are made in Switzerland in the usual POMOCA quality.

The Dynafit Seven Summits+ Touring Ski Set in the 2020 2021 Test

The Dynafit Seven Summits+ touring skis

The Seven Summits+ ski from Dynafit is one of the all-round touring classics par excellence and has been given a completely new construction for the 2020/21 season. The ski's area of use is classic ski touring or piste touring.

The new ABS sidewall ensures full power transmission from the skier to the ski. This allows the ski to unleash its full performance on the surface, whether off-piste or on-piste. This ski is an all-purpose weapon, no matter what terrain, no matter what snow conditions. The Dynafit Seven Summits ski has an extended radius compared to the othern Dynafit skis.

This makes the ski more forgiving and, together with the 100% poplar wood core, provides the necessary pop and smoothness. A unique detail on the ski touring market is the rocker construction and the sidecut. These are adapted to the respective ski length (see table). The effective edge length remains proportionally the same for all lengths and therefore functions independently of the ski length.

  149   158   166   174   182
Sidecut Top 111 mm   113 mm   114 mm   116 mm   118 mm
Sidecut Middle 82 mm   83 mm   84 mm   85 mm   86 mm
Sidecut Bottom 101 mm   102 mm   103 mm   105 mm   107 mm
Radius A 16 m   17 m   18,5 m   20 m   21,5 m
Tip Rocker 240 mm   250 mm   260 mm   270 mm   280 mm
Tail Rocker 80 mm   85 mm   90 mm   95 mm   100 mm

Source: Dynafit


  • Constant Characteristics: Due to the adjusted rocker length and the sidecut for each ski size, the characteristics remain independent of the ski length.
  • Single Radius: Harmonious waist for balanced riding characteristics.
  • Full Micro Sidewall: Optimum weight reduction through reduction of the side-panel materials used. The horizontal use of sidewalls with greater depth achieve 1.5 times higher impact strength than conventional sidewalls.
  • Carbon Stringers: Additional stability despite minimal weight

The Dynafit ST Radical touring binding in the test

The Dynafit ST Radical combines all the advantages of ski touring bindings: light, robust, user-friendly and tried and tested over many years. The binding is also equipped with a ski stopper. Whether it's an after-work training round or a high-altitude ski tour, this ski binding is always a loyal companion.

Step-In Side Towers are built into the toe piece of the binding. These make it 30% easier to get into the toe piece and at the same time increase lateral stability during the descent. The Dynafit ski binding has two climbing aids that can be easily folded in or out with the pole. Due to the long adjustment plate, the binding offers a 50 mm margin in length adjustment.

The Dynafit ST Radical touring binding in the Ski Tour Winter Sports Test 2020 2021

With long adjustment travel, various touring ski boots can be used. The release values for the lateral and vertical release can be continuously adjusted in the range of DIN 4-10. The ST Radical Test also has the Dynafit crampon mount. The range of use of the binding can be found in the all-round ski touring field.

All Dynafit bindings are developed and manufactured in Germany. Dynafit offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE of 10 years for bindings after registration. More information can be found on the Dynafit homepage.


  • Ice breaker pins: The pins on the toe are specially designed to displace snow and ice from the boot inserts as you step in.
  • Seitiche Anschläge: Patented lateral stops for maximum power absorption during lateral strokes and comfortable entry into the binding
  • Speed Step climbing aid: Easy activation with the aid of the ski pole

The Dynafit Seven Summits touring ski boots in the test

The Dynafit Seven Summits touring ski boot is easy to use, offers pleasant walking comfort and very good downhill characteristics. For those looking for a balanced touring ski boot, the Dynafit Seven Summits is the right choice. It has a good balance between comfort and solid ski performance.

The Ultra Lock 2.0 closure system allows the boot to be switched from ascent to descent mode in a flash. The upper buckle takes on two functions: It serves as a lever for the ski-walk mechanism and opens the upper at the same time. The upper and the shell are made of Marfran and polyurethane.

These materials give the ski boot a progressive flex and good downhill performance. The Seven Summits touring ski boot comes with the Custom Ready Liner. This liner is slightly thicker and more downhill oriented. The thicker padding offers more support, precision and control when skiing.

The Dynafit Seven Summits touring ski boots in the Winter Sports Ski Tour Test 2020 2021


  • Driving Spoiler 2.0: The spoiler between the cuff and the liner allows for the greatest possible cuff rotation and prevents friction between the cuff and the liner. When the Ultra Lock System 2.0 is closed, the spoiler merges with the upper to form a single unit, creating super-stiff downhill support. The reduced friction also keeps the heel in the right position at all times, resulting in more walking comfort and preventing blisters. The new metal insert in the spoiler makes it easy to change the angle of the shaft by means of two Torx screws.
  • Locking system 2.0: Compared to the previous version, the new articulated shank buckle Ultra Lock System 2.0 reduces lateral snagging and enables a smooth change from ski to walk mode and vice versa.
  • Velcro Power Strap: The Power Strap provides a quick hold and improved downhill performance. The strap can be opened quickly and easily to save time when switching from ski to walk mode.

Personal impression of the Dynafit Seven Summits+ ski touring set

How did the commercial with the postman and the cry of happiness go again? Yes, that's exactly how I felt when the package arrived. You open the box and receive a complete Dynafit ski touring set with pre-mounted bindings and perfectly fitting skins. It could hardly be more convenient. I only had to have the binding adjusted to the sole length and the release values by a professional and off I went on my first ski tour. 

Just in time for December, we were able to enjoy fresh snow in the Alps. Weather and avalanche reports were checked and the tour planning was completed. We started early in the morning. Thanks to the Step-In-Side Towers of the binding, we found our way into the toe-in in a flash and tracked our way through the fresh snow from the day before. After the first metres of altitude, you already notice the soft padding of the Dynafit Seven Summits touring ski boot, which brings both comfort and warmth.

It goes steeper uphill and the two climbing aids are switched on and off with the plate of the pole. The touring ski is a little heavier than Dynafit's ultra-light ascent-oriented competition boots. But that's what you expect from an all-round boot - a stable boot that's fun both on the ascent and the descent.

The Dynafit ski touring equipment and clothing in the winter sports test 2020 2021

After about 1100 hm of sweaty ascent, we are rewarded with a view of the snow-covered mountain peaks and a magnificent panorama. Nevertheless, we don't want to lose too much time at the summit because of the Föhn wind.

The skis are made ready for the descent: the Dynafit ST Radical binding is turned into downhill mode and the stoppers are automatically released so that the ski cannot slip away without touring skins. Skins are removed and stowed in the large pockets of the Dynafit TLT GORE-TEX jacket. Thanks to the Ultra Lock System 2.0, the boot can be switched from ascent to descent mode in a few simple steps.

The Dynafit Seven Summits touring ski boot - mine has a centre width of 84 mm and a length of 166 cm - conveys a feeling of stability and downhill fun. After the first turns, the advantages of the ski become apparent. Turns are easy to initiate, even if you don't have the best technique yet on your first ski tour. Even in difficult snow conditions, the ski is very forgiving and skis like on rails, making it really fun.

The Dynafit ski touring clothing in the test

From the sweaty ascent to the icy cold at the summit and on the descent, ski touring clothing is put to the test. There is probably no other sport where the two-layer look principle makes as much sense as in ski touring. The layer system consists of a functional underwear, a second insulating layer and the outer layer with a windproof and waterproof function.

DYNAFIT Tlt Primaloft Women Insulated Skirt (flamingo) 89,90 €
DYNAFIT Tlt Primaloft Women Insulated Skirt (flamingo)
89,90 € *
DYNAFIT Tlt GORE-TEX Women Hardshell Jacket (flamingo) 269,89 €
DYNAFIT Tlt GORE-TEX Women Hardshell Jacket (flamingo)
269,89 € *
DYNAFIT Speed Thermal Men Fleece Hoodie (frost) 116,90 €
DYNAFIT Speed Thermal Men Fleece Hoodie (frost)
116,90 € *

The Dynafit TLT Primaloft® Women's Skirt

The ski touring skirt from Dynafit is filled with Primaloft® Gold Insulation Luxe. Two zips (one full side zip and one half zip) make it easy to put on and take off. Thanks to the zip and the elastic side inserts, the skirt offers maximum freedom of movement, both on the fast ascent and on the descent.

The skirt closes with an elastic waistband at the hip and ensures comfortable wearing without pinching. With its close fit, it is not only a practical companion that protects you from freezing, but also looks modern. The lightweight insulated skirt is available in 13 colours.

Conclusion: Once a ski touring skirt, always a ski touring skirt. You don't want to do without the pleasant warmth around your hips. If the skirt is too warm for the ascent, it's still always with me for the descent. At only 143 g, you don't think twice.

The Dynafit Speed Thermal Women's Jacket in the Ski Touring Test 2020 2021

The Dynafit Speed Thermal Ladies Hooded Jacket

Functional ascent-oriented mid-layer for fast climbs. The 4-way stretch offers optimal freedom of movement. The Dynafit jacket is processed with the Micro Perforation. The laser-perforated materials offer maximum ventilation.

The close-fitting hood protects the neck from wind and cold. The long-cut back section also works well against cooling down. With a weight of 244 g, it is a lightweight that can be easily stowed in a rucksack thanks to its small pack size.

My highlight: I didn't even have the feeling of overheating during the ascent when ski touring with the Speed Thermal women's hooded jacket. The very good breathability prevents heat build-up and dries the material in no time.

The Dynafit TLT GORE-TEX Ski Touring Jacket Women in the Winter Sports Test 2020 2021

The Dynafit TLT GORE-TEX Ladies Jacket

A jacket with Gore-Tex high-performance material is indispensable for ski tours. Since the weather in the mountains is changeable, it belongs in the backpack on every tour. The jacket provides durable protection from the cold and wet, even in extreme conditions with wind, rain and snow.

The Gore-Tex Paclite Plus membrane is used in the front and back torso areas and the breathable Gore-Tex Active membrane is used for the sleeves and sides. This makes the jacket breathable and prevents moisture from accumulating. In contrast to conventional Gore-Tex jackets, the material feels softer. The hood is helmet-compatible and adjustable with one hand.

The Dynafit TLT Gore-Tex jacket can be packed small and stowed in its own hood. No more excuses about not having enough space in your backpack. The Dynafit TLT Gore-Tex jacket doesn't give you the stiff feeling of hardshell jackets, but with its wider fit and soft material it's also comfortable to wear on the ascent

The Dynafit jackets in comparison

  Dynafit Speed Thermal Ladies Hooded Jacket   Dynafit TLT GORE-TEX Ladies Jacket
Waterproof 4       10  
Windproof 6       10  
Pack volume 9       9    
Freedom of movement 10     9    
Warmth 7       7    
Fit 10     8    
Comfort 10     8    
Breathability 8       7    

The Dynafit Seven Summits+ ski touring set is highly recommended for beginners in touring skiing and all those who are still looking for an all-rounder, as you don't have to rack your brains forever over the right ski-binding-boot combination. True to the motto "Unpack & Ski".

The Dynafit ski touring equipment winter sports clothing convinces in the Ski Tour Test 2020 2021

* The actual price may differ from the one stated here. It depends on current offers and the model.