Shoes online that do not fit – a thing of the past!

Keller Sports presents to you the "shoefitr": A tool which helps you find the right shoe size according to your previous shoes. You can compare Over 2,000 shoes and view the result in 3D! It includes a preview of how the shoe would fee lif you choose a different size.

At Keller Sports you'll find the best matching sports product easier than anywhere else - this is our mission. We see ourselves as online sport consultants and want this claim to be upheld. Therefore, we invest many resources into improving our online services. We want to introduce such an improvement today.

Find the Perfect Shoe in our Online Store

You can find the Shoe Fitter on each product detail page (of course only in the shoes section) as the Nike Free 5 Shield below demonstrates. Keller Sports shoefitr Clicking will open the tool and you're already in the middle of the selection process! You can compare the shoe of your choice with one of your previous shoes. If you know the brand and also the model then everything goes a bit easier.

If not, then it’s not the end of the world. You can then select other criteria for choosing your shoe.

► Step 1: Choose the brand and model
► Step 2: Define additional criteria for the shoe your looking for
► Step 3: Pick the shoe from the list of results

After you try a size, indicate how well the shoe fits in this size. Then, the tool calculates the size recommendation for your new shoe and shows you the result in a 3D model. shoefitr final step Et Voilà! Quick and easy. No manufacturer lists or size comparison charts can get such a precise result!

What do you say about the tool? Do you find it helpful? Write us a comment!