On Sunday 10th June 2018, we joined the Keller Sports Pros at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Munich. Among them were yogini Ksenia, CrossFit pro Art Claas, our running experts Lisa from the Isar Run and Laura and Isa from RunMunichRun. This post is all about our experiences during the Mindful Triathlon.


The 5K run

We all met up at 8 am in glorious sunshine and summery temperatures at the entrance of the Wanderlust 108 event at Olympiapark, Munich. We checked in, collected our start numbers and handed in our bags. Then, we joined the 1,500 other starters to begin the 5k run. Before setting off, the adidas runners led a group warm-up. And then it was time to run along the beautiful route through the green Olympiapark. The great thing about Wanderlust 108 is that everyone can take part. During the run, you can set your own pace - your fitness levels on the day really don’t matter, as there are no fitness requirements for taking part in this sports event. If you can’t keep up with a run, just walk instead. Whatever the pace, all participants reached the finish line wearing a big smile. This was where the adidas runners were waiting for us: full of joy and setting a great atmosphere! The main focus of the Wanderlust 108 is having fun - and it was obvious to see that all the participants really were enjoying themselves.

After the run, we had time to relax a little, visit the Kula market (part of the Wanderlust festival) or take part in bonus activities. As a team, we decided to take part in the Strala Yoga workshop with Anna Kleb and Julia Buck. Connecting deep breaths with movement did us a lot of good after the run. After this short yoga session, we still had time for a breather before continuing the main event programme at 11.

The 90-minute Flow Yoga session

The yoga session with trainer Young Ho Kim was something special. Practising yoga in such a large group was a very unique experience. The session was designed to help everyone recover - excited beginners and seasoned yogis alike all had a great time. The Asanas were very dynamic, so you could almost say the entire session was like a choreography of sorts. With some great sound in the background, all of the different poses were tested out thoroughly before they were brought together into a yoga flow in time with the music. Young Ho Kim wasn’t just an outstanding trainer but also a great entertainer. Thanks to him, the event was full of happy faces and a fantastic mood.


30-minute meditation

After everyone was brought into their zone, the Wanderlust 108 programme went on. The led meditation with expert trainer Curse helped all of our recent experiences sink in. Those who have never meditated before won’t find it easy to begin with. While the yoga session flew past, our team felt that the 30 minutes of meditation were endless. The hot, sunny weather didn’t help things either. Nonetheless, this session helped us relax and gave us some valuable new experiences. We just let our problems drift away while we concentrated on ourselves.

The meditation marked the end of the main programme of the Wanderlust 2018 festival in Munich. But those who still hadn’t had enough still had the chance to take part in bonus activities. We tried our hand at headstands (with the aid of a headstand tool), which proved that all of our team members were extremely talented. Nothing stands in the way of us becoming yoga experts now!

After the main events, we had the time to browse through the Kula market of the Wanderlust 108. Apart from the adidas shop with the latest Wanderlust sports collection, we also discovered raw food bars, tea and much more.


What we thought of the Wanderlust 108

We had a great time during the Mindful Triathlon 2018 in the Munich Olympiapark. Our team was composed of running experts (Isa, Laura and Lisa), experienced yoginis (Ksenia) and yoga newbies. The relaxed mood of the event and the great attitude of all of the trainers and participants was very impressive. Everyone there shone, had fun and went home wearing a big smile. We’re really looking forward to next year’s event! Have you been to the Wanderlust 108 festival too? If you’re looking for fun, movement and a cool community, make sure you don’t miss the next event!

Wondering what the ‘108’ in the event name stands for? Read this post to find out.