Are you looking for an insulating jacket that really keeps you warm? Then you're doing the right thing with the Marmot Warmcube jacket. We were allowed to test the jacket on a foggy mountain tour and take a close look at its thermal performance.

MARMOT Warmcube Featherless Women Insulated Jacket (Arctic Navy) 368,90 €
MARMOT Warmcube Featherless Women Insulated Jacket (Arctic Navy)
368,90 € *
MARMOT Warmcube Featherless Men Insulated Jacket (Arctic Navy) 368,90 €
MARMOT Warmcube Featherless Men Insulated Jacket (Arctic Navy)
368,90 € *
MARMOT Warmcube Kaprun  Men Ski Jacket (Stargazer) 645,90 €
MARMOT Warmcube Kaprun Men Ski Jacket (Stargazer)
645,90 € *

The Marmot Warmcube Technology

With the Warmcube, Marmot has brought a completely new form of insulation onto the market, which offers two possibilities to keep you warm longer and better than conventional jackets. The insulation in the inside of the outdoor jacket, which looks like many small cubes, is called 3D WarmCube construction. These 3D cubes hold the insulation in place, preventing cold spots from spreading.

The second source of insulation are the channels between the cubes. These fill with warm air and thus quickly provide a second source of insulation. The 3D cubes are filled with synthetic insulation instead of down. The advantage here is that the synthetic filling warms even in extremely wet conditions. It also makes the jacket a sustainable alternative to down jackets.

The 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless insulation is comparable to a 700 down filling in terms of thermal performance. The PrimaLoft® Silver Hi-Loft insulation is responsible for the breathability of the jacket. The Pertex Quantum® fabric on the outside reliably protects against wind and weather and is very breathable. Due to these versatile new and sustainable technologies, the Marmot Warmcube Jacket also won the ISPO Gold Award 2020.

The Marmot Warmcube Featherless insulation jacket convinces in the Outdoor Clothing Test 2020 with lots of warmth and good breathability even in winter

The Marmot Warmcube Featherless insulation jacket in the test

On our tour, I was particularly impressed by the breathability of this quite thick jacket, which came as a surprise to me. Later, in windy conditions at the summit, I was able to test the Warmcube insulation for its capabilities.

My conclusion is very positive, the Marmot jacket kept me warm throughout and was enough for me, even though I only wore a thin shirt underneath. Even when I was descending in the fog I didn't get cold, but the body temperature was kept comfortable inside the jacket. With other insulation jackets I would have needed another layer to keep warm. I wear my normal size S, but the jacket is cut relatively short.

Girls with a long torso should go up a size. Apart from that, the Marmot Warmcube Featherless Jacket is very minimalistic and has two outer pockets and a chest pocket on the inside of the jacket to store important small items. The inner cuffs on the sleeves of the jacket also keep the warmth inside.

With Warmcube technology, the Marmot Warmcube Featherless insulation jacket protects you from the cold on every outdoor tour 2020

The Marmot jacket at a glance

Windproof 9    
Pack volume 6    
Freedom of movement 8    
Warmth 10  
Breathability 8    
Fit 8    
Comfort 9    
Gender Women & Men
Category Insulation jacket
Special features Warmcube Technology
Fit relatively short
Application mountain tours & ski tours
Price 368,90 € *


Breathability and warmth are definitely the most important features of an insulation jacket for me. The Marmot Warmcube Featherless covers these two components perfectly and is therefore a real must-have for me. Above all, the jacket's extreme warmth performance has completely convinced me.

That's why the Marmot jacket will certainly accompany me on a few more mountain tours. But also in winter on ski tours as a warming layer under a hardshell jacket or in dry weather without a third layer, I can imagine the Warmcube jacket very well.

The Marmot Warmcube Featherless Outdoor Jacket protects you from the cold and other elements in the winter of 2020.

* The actual price may differ from the one stated here. It depends on current offers and the model.