We currently have the new adidas Z.N.E. collection in our shop. The adidas Athletics range consists of the brand’s most popular hoodie, available in different colours, a training rucksack, the adidas Z.N.E. jacket and similar pieces.

But what does adidas Z.N.E. stand for? What makes the adidas hoodie and jacket so special? Let’s take a closer look at the new adidas Z.N.E. collection. adidas ZNE Hoodie Guburuza

What does Z.N.E. mean?

The adidas Z.N.E. collection was first launched in September 2016. “We’ve designed the adidas Z.N.E. hoodie and the entire collection to allow athletes to dive into their personal pre-competition rituals, so they can concentrate 100% on preparing for the competition.[...] When it comes to design, we’ve focused on a slender, athletic cut and small details that make all the difference”, said Michael Krapohl, adidas Senior Product Manager, back in 2016.

“Z.N.E.” stands for “zone”, as in getting into your zone before your competition, letting everything around you blend into the background and concentrating 100% on what’s ahead of you. The adidas Athletics Z.N.E. collection comes with the slogan “Find focus”.

What are adidas Z.N.E. clothes for?

As already mentioned, the adidas Z.N.E. collection was designed to support athletes before a competition and allow them to concentrate on their performance. This comfortable clothing is perfect for wearing before an important match, on the way to the gym or in anticipation of any other sports event.

The large pockets provide lots of storage space for a phone, keys and other small essentials. The hood and the clean design shield you from any external distractions. Apart from that, the Z.N.E. collection pieces are extremely comfortable - everything you need just before a sports competition. adidas ZNE Hoodie Jacke Benzema Krapohl also explained that “adidas was founded on a promise to kit athletes out with superb equipment. By launching adidas Athletics, we’ve focused on catering to sportspeople who find themselves in the critical phases before and after a competition. [...] Those are the moments when it’s essential to switch off and concentrate on the upcoming competition or on analysing a given performance after it.”

adidas Z.N.E. clothing isn’t just perfect for wearing before a competition - during a workout, it serves to stop you cooling down too much between reps, and after a race, it keeps you warm, comfortable and stylish. It goes without saying that adidas Athletics clothes are designed to look good as part of athleisure outfits too.

New additions to the adidas Z.N.E. 2018 collection

The biggest novelty in this year’s collection is the so-called Fast Release Zipper on the adidas Z.N.E. hooded jacket. Unzip your hoodie/jacket and you’re ready to give the performance of a lifetime.

This means that you can keep the jacket on until the very last moment before the start of the competition, and then zip it off and give it your all. A zip never meant this much before now.

The adidas Z.N.E. 2018 collection has also received a colour upgrade, however, the Z.N.E. pieces still do without bold colours and patterns to avoid distracting you from your sport.

The colours range from light grey to black. We’re particularly won over by the black hoodie with white details on the zip and shoulders. adidas ZNE Jacke Guburuza Apart from that, the collection now also features a training rucksack to match the adidas Z.N.E. clothes. The white backpack is the first to make it into the collection and it’s ideal for carrying your kit to and from the gym, the training grounds or the tennis court.

The ventilated back offers just as much comfort as the adidas Z.N.E. clothes, and the waterproof material shields the contents of the bag from the rain. The white-and-black design is a perfect match for the new adidas Z.N.E. range.


We love the new adidas Z.N.E. collection. The quiet designs, the superior comfort and the practical features are simply perfect for wearing before, during and after practising sports but are also suited to everyday life, leisure and relaxation. Check out the adidas Athletics collection for yourselves.

adidas ZNE Jacke Benzema