The new Keller Sports logo is finally ready! Development of the logo took over 500 hours. Our company directors, along with our Art Director and other creatives, developed over 100 different ideas. They were always on the search for the logo which best represented all of Keller Sports’ core values. But that is not the only thing that is new and innovative, our website is too!  

Keller Sports online – fully functional, even on the go!

The biggest technical change to the Keller Sports online shop is “responsiveness”, which is how it is referred to in tech speak. This means that our website is completely functional on all devices, whether it’s a PC, tablet or smartphone. keller-sports-responsive Alongside the technical improvements for the growing number of mobile internet users, we had a further reason for the new layout: We wanted to give our offers more space. No retailers would ever stack their shelves without due care, unlike some online shops. Many more would present their products in all their glory. Always with friendly and experienced advisers at their side, who are able to explain to the customer the benefits of each product. Because he knows about it from practice. Because he loves to do sport and knows what the customer needs. Our Keller Sports experts are the ideal companion when you’re choosing individual sports products. keller-sports-experten Additionally, online shopping has to be simple and comfortable, the orientation of the shop intuitive and clear. The development of our patented product matching engine (KSPME®) goes a step further, as customers find the best products for them, not just because of the descriptions but also because of their own personal needs and demands. Running shoes can be filtered as preferred by surface, support or cushioning. It’s completely up to the customer. As we’re already talking about shoes, with our integrated shoefitr-Tool you will be able to find the perfect shoe size for you. Never again buy badly fitting shoes! Never again buy the wrong sports equipment! Try it out! Welcome to Keller Sports.  

The new Keller Sports logo

Alongside the new website is our new logo. If you still haven’t seen the new Keller Sports logo, it unites all the properties that characterise with its appearance and especially its meaning. keller-sports-logo You must be dynamic, because we are a very young team and all of us are sporty. We live for change and are always developing more. You must be cooperative, because we are one team, live the team spirit and work together hand in hand. We also treat our customers and fans as equals. You must inspire, because we share all the passion of sport and want to experience that together. With this attitude we included two new sports in our range – Outdoor and Winter sports – with the focus on “the sport experience”. You must be competent, because we convince through advice. We identify ourselves as a sport advisor and offer attractive prices as well as professional advice.   We like the new animal logo ;-) What do you think? We look forward to your feedback – in the comments and also on Facebook! Tracking parameters for the links to our shop (please add this to all links pointing to our shop):