With the new On Cloudflyer, the Swiss company combines a high level of cushioning and a lot of support in one running shoe. The shoe convinces with a light construction and with features that are suitable for every runner. Keller Sports Pro Jan has extensively tested for you how it performs on the road.

ON Cloudflyer Men Running Shoes (white blue) 169,90 €
ON Cloudflyer Men Running Shoes (white / blue)
169,90 € *
ON Cloudflyer Women Running Shoes (black white) 169,90 €
ON Cloudflyer Women Running Shoes (black / white)
169,90 € *
ON Cloudflyer Men Running Shoes (blue black) 169,90 €
ON Cloudflyer Men Running Shoes (blue / black)
169,90 € *

About the On Cloudflyer

The construction of the On Cloudflyer is especially designed for comfort and stability. This means that there is some padding in the upper of the running shoes, as well as in the heel and tongue. The mesh material fits snugly around the foot and additional reinforcements provide a certain amount of security in the running shoe. The firm heel section supports a stable guidance and thus offers a high level of support.

The distinctive On Cloud midsole further enhances this guidance and also provides a high level of cushioning. In this midsole of the On Cloudflyer running shoes is the On Speedboard, which pushes you forward while running. For the grip some rubber elements are placed on the Clouds to prevent slipping even in bad conditions.

How does the On Cloudflyer perform?

On always convinces with its running shoes with a good fit and high-quality workmanship. The new On Cloudflyer follows suit without compromise. The fit of the new On running shoes convinced me completely. In addition, they provide a very pleasant wearing comfort. The On Cloudflyer sits comfortably and compactly on the heel and metatarsal area of the foot, while the forefoot has plenty of room for movement.

In combination with the high damping of the Helion-Superfoam it runs pleasantly over solid surfaces. It can happen that a stone gets caught in the Cloud midsole, but in my case only in very rare cases. In general the On Cloudflyer is suitable for every distance due to its construction.

This means that you do not have to accept any loss of comfort, especially over longer distances. The upper nestles perfectly against the foot and also provides good breathability. Primarily the running shoe is designed for a more relaxed pace, but a snappier unit can also be run with the On Cloudflyer.

Keller Sports Pro Jan with the On Cloudflyer running shoe in test 2020

The On Cloudflyer running shoes at a glance

  On Cloudflyer
Weight 8    
Damping 9    
Reactivity 7    
Grip 8    
Stability 8    
Gender Women & Men
Weight 210g (Women) & 285g (Men)
Off-set 7mm
Sole material Helion-Superfoam, CloudTec & Speedboard
Upper material ultralight special-Mesh
Fit slightly wider
Application Sturdy all-round running shoes for every distance and pace
Shoe type Supported running shoes
Price 169,90 € *


On delivers with the Cloudflyer well cushioned and stable running shoes. Everything can be found in the running shoe with a minimum of weight and is manufactured with high quality.

The stable running shoe On Cloudflyer in the Keller Sports Test 2020

* The actual price may differ from the price indicated here. It depends on current offers and the model.

Credits: Jan Lau
Photos: Carsten Beier