Running shoes for the daily round belong in every shoe collection. The On Cloudswift is just such a model: equipped with a good fit and plenty of comfort for many kilometres in the city. Keller Sports Pro Jan took a closer look at what makes the running shoe by On stand out.

ON Cloudswift Men Running Shoes (silver) 159,90 €
ON Cloudswift Men Running Shoes (silver)
159,90 € *
ON Cloudswift Women Running Shoes (White / Limelight) 159,90 €
ON Cloudswift Women Running Shoes (White / Limelight)
159,90 € *
ON Cloudswift Men Running Shoes (Denim / Midnight) 159,90 €
ON Cloudswift Men Running Shoes (Denim / Midnight)
159,90 € *

About the On Cloudswift

At first glance, the new Cloudswift looks very similar to its predecessor. The focus is still on a smooth running feel. However, the updates in the revised model are in the details. The outsole is built according to the rocker geometry, which should ensure a natural rolling motion.

In the revised Clouds, On uses the Helion Superfoam material for a good shot of dynamism. The upper has a minimalist design. Stability is provided by the heel cap in combination with the midfoot strap. Nevertheless, there is plenty of room with the forefoot. It is also worth noting that the upper is made of recycled mesh.

The On Running Cloudswift Shoes in the 2021 Running Test

How does the On Cloudswift perform?

When I first tried the On Cloudswift on, I immediately noticed the revised fit. Compared to its predecessor, it is much narrower in the midfoot, but even wider feet are not restricted in the running shoe. On achieves this with the very flexibly adjustable upper. The recycled mesh fits comfortably around the foot and provides good stability.

The On Cloud midsole is also continuous in the forefoot, which also has a positive effect on support. When running, the Cloudswift offers a very balanced running feel. It is not too soft or too firm and lets you roll easily over the road. You can always feel the well-designed rocker geometry in the midsole. The grip also convinced me. The On Cloudswift grips really well on all surfaces in the city.

A while ago, I reported on the On Cloudflyer. Compared to the Cloudflyer, the On Cloudswift has a little less support, but the overall running feel is more dynamic. I also classify the cushioning level as higher.

The On Cloudswift running shoes in the 2021 Running Test with Keller Sports Pro Jan

The On Cloudswift at a glance

Weight 8    
Damping 9    
Reactivity 8    
Grip 8    
Stability 7    
Gender Women & Men
Weight 240 g (Women) & 290 g (Men)
Off-set 7mm
Sole material Helion Superfoam & On Clouds
Upper material recycled mesh
Fit normal
Application City runs, short to medium distances
Shoe type neutral running shoes
Price 159,90 € *


The On Cloudswift is an ideal companion for relaxed runs through the city. Balanced cushioning and good dynamics make running a lot of fun. It is certainly not the running shoe for long sessions in the training plan, but it is particularly interesting as a daily runner.

Keller Sports Pro Jan Tests the On Cloudswift Shoes in the Running Test 2021

Credits: Jan Lau
Photos: Carsten Beier

* The actual price may differ from the one indicated here. It depends on current offers and the model.