The Haglöfs Eco Proof rainproof jacket is a confirmation that the outdoor specialist is now turning its attention to the cities. This stylish raincoat was designed with an urban use in mind, and it’s certainly suited to the hectic atmosphere of the city. With its modern cut and material, this doesn’t look anything like an outdoor garment - perfect for a relaxed stroll in the rain. The discreet dark blue colour is another feature that makes it a city piece - an outstanding part of the Urban Outdoor collection by Haglöfs. Urban Outdoor: Haglöfs Eco Proof as the perfect companion for cities and trails Outdoor adventures are more than possible with this jacket. The Haglöfs Eco Proof was made for much more than “just” lifestyle. At its core, the Haglöfs Eco Proof is a colourfast raincoat that makes for the perfect companion on gentle hikes. I had the chance to put it through its paces during our trip to Scotland. Needless to say, the Haglöfs Eco Proof saw its fair share of drizzle, both in the city and on hikes. And it performed beautifully. The jacket is very breathable, so you don’t sweat, even if you’ve been on the go all day. Apart from that, the Haglöfs Eco Proof also looks very chic, so you’re perfectly dressed for the city and don’t have to worry about sudden showers. Even in the evening, when we went to a fine restaurant, I didn’t look the slightest bit out of place. The jacket’s urban-outdoor look is truly impressive. Haglöfs Urban Outdoor

Haglöfs Urban Outdoor

Urban Outdoor highlight: the perfect fit and several great features You wouldn’t believe how comfortable this Urban Outdoor raincoat is. The material of the Haglöfs Eco Proof is smooth and doesn’t crease, just like a conventional lifestyle jacket. The double side pockets are particularly cool. One of the pockets has a fold in it that shields it from the rain, so it’s perfect for storing your smartphone, car keys or wallet. You can also store these in the chest pocket. The other two pockets are on the sides and they’re clearly made to keep your hands warm. The hood provides protection against the wind and the rain. On the whole, the Haglöfs Eco Proof has a relatively wide cut, so there’s enough room to wear warm clothes underneath. When hiking, the wide cut is just as useful - it means you don’t feel restricted when you move.

Haglöfs Eco Proof Sustainability: a priority for Haglöfs

What I find really impressive about the Haglöfs Eco Proof is the sustainability aspect. During the design process of this Urban Outdoor raincoat, Haglöfs really put some thought into sustainability. What does this mean, exactly? Well, almost every single part of the jacket (including zips and buttons) can be replaced if damaged. In other words, the Haglöfs Eco Proof is built to last a lifetime! This doesn’t just save you some money but also helps preserve the environment. The Haglöfs Eco Proof is the first raincoat I’ve heard of that has this benefit. Haglöfs Eco Proof Outdoor Jacke

Haglöfs Eco Proof outdoor jacket

The Haglöfs Eco Proof is a cool, chic Urban Outdoor raincoat for your everyday life in the city and the odd hike from time to time.