It is really interesting to hear what athletes wonder about. We were asked, whether it is healthy to go running straight after getting up. Clearly, from the view of a professional the question is absolutely understandable, whether there is enough opportunity before work to be sporty and active. We all know our inner weakness which keeps us from doing sport in the evening after a stressful day at work (a few tips for that here), is that right? ;-) In order to answer the question, we can run anytime and anywhere, and that is the beauty of running. Even after getting up.  There are however a few important things to note…  

Only run in the morning if you have slept well

If you have not slept enough, then you will lack concentration and efficiency throughout the day. Two things that us runners definitely don’t want to miss! Use these tips to have a good start to the day
  • Get your sports clothes ready the night before, so that you have as little as possible to do in the morning
  • Get up as soon as your alarm goes off! No snoozing even for 5 minutes! Rise and shine!
  • Stretch out and move about so that your body can liven up!
  • Running pants on, t-shirt and jackets on top, get your shoes on and let’s go! Oh yeah, don’t forget your keys…

Sport in the morning requires an extensive warm-up

I have already mentioned that stretching is very important. That is because our joints stiffen overnight because we move less and so there is less fluid in our joints. Cartilage and spinal discs lose their elasticity, which of course we cannot use in sports, since the pressure load is already quite high. Before we start running properly, we should also do a few stretching exercises and then start especially slowly.  


Before running you should drink a litre of water, since the body develops a fluid deficiency over night. In order to avoid dehydrating and to be able to reach a regular performance, you should therefore compensate in advance. We would advise against coffee, since it strengthens the need to urinate. And then there’s the matter of saving energy… Overnight our glycogen storage empties, so that we barely have any energy to use in the morning.
Anyone who wants to lose weight should first start off by grinning, because an empty energy supply means that the body turns directly to the fat reserves instead. That is absolutely correct, however we would recommend a nutritious meal before running. Many athletes swear by a recipe of milk, quark, banana and oatmeal.
Anyone who doesn’t like eating in the morning (you should not have too much before sport anyway) should have an energy bar or an energy-rich meal the night before. Anyone who doesn’t like eating anything at all before running training should just eat straight afterwards. Maybe put a few nuts into your muesli in order to provide your muscles with enough protein.  
Running straight after getting up – and before breakfast – has many advantages:
  • Glycogen supplies are very quickly depleted and the body switches to burning fat instead. With morning sport the body therefore learns to use free fatty acids earlier and more.
  • In the long run our body learns to use the available fuels more efficiently, whereby our basic endurance increases.
  • We start the day with satisfaction and are fully awake when we get to work and are therefore motivated.
  30 minutes is plenty to take advantage of all these benefits! Running in the morning is therefore not only healthy, but also nowhere near as time consuming as everyone thinks. Are you a morning person? Are you becoming one?