Salomon stands primarily for trail running, but in recent years the French have also presented many exciting running shoes for the road. Currently the Sonic 3 models offer three different running shoes for every type of runner. These include the Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate, the Salomon Sonic 3 Balance and the Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence.

About the Salomon Sonic 3 running shoes

The three models in the Sonic range have many basic features in common, but differ in the characteristics for their use. The midsole of all Salomon models features the new Optivibe technology for optimal cushioning while running. This is intended to reduce vibrations when the foot is placed on the ground without impairing the natural running behaviour.

In addition, the Optivibe technology provides a matching push forward when the foot is pressed down. The upper features a comfortable Engineered Mesh in the appropriate structure for the alignment of the different models. The Contagrip rubber compound in the outsole, known from Salomon trail running shoes, ensures a high level of grip. In addition, the structure of the outsole of each model is adapted to the target group.

The Salomon Sonic running shoes Balance Accelerate and Confidence convince in the Running Test 2020 with high comfort and stability

Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence

The Sonic 3 Confidence is the entry-level model in the Salomon Sonic range. It is aimed at runners who want a high level of cushioning and support. This is provided by the running shoe with a compact construction paired with some padding in the shaft.

The heel section gives you very good control when running, even if the muscles get tired on longer distances. The processed mesh also sits firmly and securely on the foot. Nevertheless, you still have enough freedom when running and the foot can naturally move in the running shoe.

As already described, a Contagrip rubber compound is used in the outsole. This leads to additional safety when running, as you will not slip even when running on wet surfaces.

Runners who strive for a high level of comfort and stability will find the Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence to be just the right running shoe. The shoe is designed for any distance and is also suitable for any surface. So you can also leave the road for long runs and run safely over forest or field paths.

The Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence offers great stability Comfort and safety in the Running Test 2020

Salomon Sonic 3 Balance

The Sonic 3 Balance can be called an all-rounder, as it is designed for both relaxed and more lively units. Compared to the Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence, it has a little less material in the upper part of everything, which gives it a good shot of dynamic.

Nevertheless, the running shoe has a good comfort in the upper and a certain stability. The mesh is very breathable and provides good air circulation on warmer days. The midsole has a good level of cushioning, making all distances optimally runable.

If you want to get a little bit faster, the construction of the midsole will support you very well. Compared to the Sonic 3 Confidence, the midsole is a little more direct, which gives you a good feeling of the ground when running. Of course, the Contagrip rubber compound is used in the outsole and provides a very good grip.

If you are looking for a running shoe for relaxed runs, which is also suitable for quicker units from time to time, then the Salomon Sonic 3 Balance is a really good choice. During taining all distances can be run without any problems with the Balance - even with a good shot at speed.

Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate

The fastest model in the Salomon Sonic 3 series is clearly the Sonic 3 Accelerate. Here Salomon focuses on the fast units in the training plan when assembling the running shoe. This already starts with the flatter midsole, where especially forefoot runners will feel comfortable in the running shoe.

Compared to the other models, you get a particularly direct feeling when running. A clear focus on dynamics is also set in the upper. Overall, the design is very minimalist, but Salomon still manages to provide the running shoe with a matching comfort through the upper.

This way you sit very securely in the running shoe and have great freedom of movement. With the Contragrip outsole, Salomon saves additional weight with the Accelerate, because it is divided into two areas. In general, it has a lot of flex to focus on dynamic running.

The Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate is suitable for pace runs, but also for competitions. A secure fit as well as a lot of freedom of movement drive you forward very comfortably while running. In addition, the Accelerate has good cushioning for its dynamics, so even longer distances are no problem at all with this snappy running shoe.

The Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate is a running shoe for speed training or competition runs

The Salomon Sonic 3 running shoes in comparison

  Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence   Salomon Sonic 3 Balance   Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate
Weight 8       7       7    
Damping 10     8       6    
Reactivity 6       7       8    
Grip 10     10     10  
Stability 8       7       6    
Gender Women & Men   Women & Men   Women & Men
Off-set 10mm   8mm   6mm
Sole material Optivibe & Geometric Decoupling™   Optivibe & Geometric Decoupling™   Optivibe & Geometric Decoupling™
Upper material Custom Engineered Mesh   Custom Engineered Mesh   Internal SensiFit™
Fit normal   normal   normal

supported running shoes

  supported running shoes   supported running shoes
Shoe type High comfort and stability   Allrounder running shoe   Pace races and competition
Price 139,90 € *   139,90 € *   139,90 € *
The Salomon Sonic 3 running shoes are perfect for every type of runner

* The actual price may differ from the price indicated here. It depends on current offers and the model.

Credits: Jan Lau
Photos: Carsten Beier