“The last snows have melted, the pastures are greener than ever and everywhere you look there are little waterfalls flowing down the mountains. Last month saw the end of the winter sports season and the beginning of summer. For all outdoor lovers and mountain athletes, this means hiking, climbing, mountaineering or simply spending your free time out in nature. If you want a successful outdoor season, you need to have the right outfit! What better than cool clothes that do the environment a favour too? PYUA is of the same opinion. The brand believes that we should be part of nature and push your boundaries. PYUA wants to break away from conventions and is on a constant search for the limitless feeling of freedom you get in nature, regardless of the weather conditions. This is why PYUA designs functional, high-quality outdoor clothing while also placing great focus on sustainability. PYUA Outdoor

PYUA: sustainable outdoor clothing

Those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors, who are environmentally friendly and active, are the main customers of outdoor brands. They value sporty activities in nature and want to be able to practice their hobbies and stay active in all weather conditions. What many people don’t realise, though, is that most waterproof, windproof and breathable clothing is often manufactured in a way that has a negative impact on the environment. This isn’t the case with PYUA. PYUA Outdoorjacke Those who think that sustainable clothing is boring or dull haven’t seen any products by the brand PYUA yet. PYUA was the first brand to make outdoor clothing of recycled materials. PYUA’s own closed-loop recycling system means that an old PYUA jacket can come to form part of some cool hiking pants or any other piece of outdoor clothing in the next collection. The durability of each garment is guaranteed by the extremely energy- and raw material-efficient manufacturing process. The concept even won the GreenTec Award in 2017! This manufacturing process uses only around one-fifth of the energy used in making conventional polyester and emits only a quarter of the CO2 that traditional polyester processes produce. In a nutshell: waste production and use of crude oil are both minimised. Sound uncool, boring and a bit too eco goody-two-shoes? Well, it isn’t. With PYUA, you can do the planet a favour and look amazing at the same time! Trendy colours, athletic cuts and top comfort are all staple features of the brand’s selection. We’re not just talking about functionality-focussed outdoor clothing here - these pieces are perfect for everyday life too. PYUA Nachhaltigkeit

Testing PYUA outdoor clothing

We tested PYUA outdoor clothing on the way up Mt Säntis, in the beautiful Appenzell region of Switzerland. We brought the men’s and women’s Float Y 2.0 soft shell jacket and the 3-layer Spray S. raincoat. Despite different weathers and challenges, the PYUA outdoor jackets managed to hold their own and prove their functionality. Despite summer temperatures in the valley, up above the treeline it soon turned fresh and windy. Thanks to the windproof PYUA soft shell jacket, though, we stayed warm and continued our journey up through the snow. What made things even better was that the soft shell jacket is breathable, so it adapts to the body’s temperature and it’s comfortable to wear even when you’ve broken into a sweat. The outdoor jacket is also super lightweight - very useful when you want to save space in your rucksack for snacks and a victory beer. Despite the fact that Bergfex forecasted 11 hours of sunshine, we got caught in a rain shower on the way down the mountain. Thankfully, we had the super trendy, casual raincoat to hand. It boasts such a modern colour that, no matter how far ahead you are of your mountain buddies, they’ll never lose sight of you. Even when braving the walk under a waterfall, everything stayed nice and dry underneath the cool jacket - waterproofing thoroughly tested there! The jacket is also ideal for everyday life: its coat-like cut means that it’ll keep you drier in sudden summer storms than a conventional raincoat ever could, and it looks cool too. PYUA im Test Exhausted but still completely dry after an amazing hike, we arrived at the valley and enjoyed some well-earned cheese fondue. We all agreed on one thing: PYUA outdoor clothing impressed us all, and we’ll definitely be taking it on all of the many mountain adventures to come.