The first On Cloud X was introduced in March 2018. Even back then, the running shoe convinced with its light weight and versatility. For 2020, the On Cloud X has now been improved again, based on the ideas and wishes of athletes.

The new On Cloud X 2020 has now been added to our range. Here we present the running shoes, tell you what has changed and what the On running shoes are best suited for. All according to the motto: Leave your limits behind.

ON Cloud X Women Running Shoes (beige) 149,90 €
ON Cloud X Women Running Shoes (beige)
149,90 € *
ON Cloud X Men Running Shoes (green) 149,90 €
ON Cloud X Men Running Shoes (green)
149,90 € *
ON Cloud X Men Running Shoes (white) 149,90 €
ON Cloud X Men Running Shoes (white)
149,90 € *

The architecture of the On Cloud X

The focus of On Cloud X is clearly on versatility. It is a running shoe that can be used for fast interval training, brisk 10k runs but also for strength training in the gym. For these requirements On Running has equipped the Cloud X with many technologies and features. We present the result here:

You can find the On Cloud X 2020 running shoes for 149,90 € among the running products in the Keller Sports Shop

The sole

As with most running shoes, the biggest secret of their performance lies in the sole. Cushioning and reactivity are just two of the decisive factors in all running shoes. With the On Cloud X, several technologies take care of this: the On CloudTec technology, the Helion Superfoam and the On Speedboard.

What gives On running shoes, including the On Cloud X, their characteristic sole is CloudTec technology. On shoes are immediately recognizable by these little "clouds". Due to their construction and material properties, they ensure a softly cushioned but also extremely reactive run. During the performance the clouds compress themselves, cushion the impact and then reposition themselves. This gives the runner that extra push when kicking off the ground.

The On Cloud X Running Shoes 2020 are versatile sports shoes for running or training

For additional damping, the large CloudTec elements were reinforced with Helion Superfoam. Helion Superfoam is a foam padding which is created by the fusion of stiffer foam elements and softer profiles. This makes the cushioning very light but still enormously energy efficient, responsive and protective. In addition, it is particularly robust and resistant to temperature changes, which means that the On Cloud X can be used all year round.

The On Speedboard in On Cloud X connects the CloudTec clouds with the upper material. The Speedboard is a liquid injected plate made of a thermoplastic polymer. It serves to ensure an optimal energy transfer from the rolling motion to the foot. The result is that the On Cloud X shoe gives you more energy back when running and you can do your training faster but also longer.

Among the technologies, the construction of the sole of the On Cloud X also contributes to its versatility. It is slightly wider than that of ordinary running shoes. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of the shoes even during fast lateral movements. In addition, the On Cloud X has lateral reinforcements that protect the feet during these dynamic lateral movements.

The On Cloud X running shoes are versatile all-round sports shoes for your variable training

The upper material

What do runners want from the upper material of their running shoes? It is clear that it should keep the foot stable in the shoe and be as breathable as possible. That's exactly what the upper material of the On Cloud X shoes does. The technical mesh material is flexible, robust and durable. It is also very comfortable, extremely light and breathable.

The fabric pattern is not only beautiful to look at, but also has a function-oriented benefit. The material is reinforced in particularly stressed areas, while in less stressed areas it is kept thin and breathable. The seamless design, the integrated tongue and the comfortable inner shoe enclose the foot like a sock and offer a perfect fit for every sport.

The new On Cloud X 2020 running shoes can be found in the Keller Sports Shop like many other products of our premium brands

What is On Cloud X best suited for?

A question that is difficult to answer because of the versatility of On Cloud X. One should rather ask: What is it not suitable for? The Lightweight-Trainer is an extremely light and fast running shoe that is perfect for 5k, 10k or speed runs. At the same time it is relatively flat with its 6mm drop. Therefore it can also be used for mixed training sessions in the gym. Lateral movements, jumps, sprints... the On Cloud X follows every movement.

Key facts about the On Cloud X

Gender Women & Men
Weight 195g (Women US 7) & 230g (Men US 8.5)
Off-set 6mm
Sole material On CloudTec Technologie, Helion Superfoam & On Speedboard
Upper material Engineered Mesh
Fit normal
Application light running shoes for versatile training sessions
Shoe type Neutral multisport all-rounders
Price 149,90 € *


The update with the Helion Superfoam makes the On Cloud X even better suited for any versatile workout than its predecessor. So if you're looking for a lightweight shoe for your variable training, you should definitely try the on Cloud X. A real allrounder and multisport shoe. As I said, the motto behind the on Cloud X shoes is: Leave your limits behind.

* The actual price may differ from the price indicated here. It depends on current offers and the model.