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Duffel bags are the perfect companion for sports activities and travelling. Functional clothing, changes of clothing, towels and many other utensils can be stored in such bags. Their compact dimensions and excellent comfort multiply the areas of usage of duffel bags.

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Duffel bags/ Travel bags

What exactly is a duffel bag?

Duffel bags are cylindrically shaped sports and travel bags. Many models lie on their long side and have side handles for transportation. An additionally supplied strap functions as a shoulder strap. Other models on the other hand have two separate straps allowing you to comfortably wear the duffel bag on your back like a backpack. A wet compartment is often integrated for you to store your swimwear and other damp or wet clothes. Additional side pockets provide room for storing valuables and smaller sport and travel utensils. Duffel bags can be compared to a large travel bag. With a wide variety of colours and models available you'll be sure to find the perfect duffel bag.

What sizes and features do duffel bags come with?

Depending on the sport you may need more or less room for your utensils or equipment. For gym training you probably don't need as much storage room compared to ice hockey or football. A small bag will often suffice for gym training. For short trips or sporty weekend breaks you should opt for a larger travel bag.
The size of a small travel bag ranges from 30 litres up to an XXL travel bag of 120 litres. Small duffel bags are ideal for short trips or a weekend break. These smaller bags are also suitable for gyms. You can also use a waterproof travel bag to protect the contents of your bag in bad weather. With large 90-litre travel bags you can do longer trips or sports requiring much more storage space With this size you'll have plenty of room for clothes, sports gear and food.
If you want to take a duffel bag with you on a flight, you'll need to check it in like a suitcase. The dimensions of large travel bags mostly exceed the size permitted for hand luggage. Duffel bags also have a relatively low net weight. This allows them to be easily stowed in cars or on trains.

What materials are best for duffel bags?

Material is a key factor for choosing the right duffel bag. If you are looking for a travel and sports bag in one, you should consider durability, capacity and stability. There are a variety of materials available to choose from. These include cotton, polyester, leather and different tarpaulin materials. These can easily be cleaned wet. Not all of these materials are waterproof. You should consider the sport that you will use the bag for.

Advantages and disadvantages of duffel bags

Duffel bags or travel bags have pros and cons which we would like to briefly list for you.


  • flexible bag shape
  • available in various materials and styles
  • can be used as an affordable travel bag or sports travel bag
  • various options for wear due to multiple handles and shoulder straps
  • individual bag sizes


  • sometimes only one main compartment, no sub-compartments
  • little storage space due to lack of compartments
  • weight is always in your hand, on your shoulder or back

Duffel bags: travel and sports bag in one

Duffel bags not only function as sports bags but can also be used as travel bags. Take them with you on short trips or weekend breaks. Thanks to a variety of designs you'll be sure to find the right model to suit your activities in our online shop. These bags are extremely practical and additional parts can be attached. You can also store heavy items inside these duffel bags and easily wear it on your back.