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Outdoor shoes should be stable, comfortable and pleasant to wear in order to provide your foot with a secure hold on any surface. Freedom of movement, moisture protection, breathability and cushioned, comfortable soles offer your feet a pleasant shoe climate and the necessary wearing comfort for long distances. With the right outdoor shoe in the right size, you are perfectly equipped for your adventure.


There is a whole range of outdoor shoes - depending on the purpose and area of use: hiking shoes, trail running shoes, approach shoes or mountain boots - the choice is yours.

Light outdoor shoes with smooth soles or low tread depth are suitable for light walks on paved forest floors or dirt paths. Depending on the model, they may also have a waterproof surface so that you can get home dry-footed even in wet weather.Hiking shoes are a transitional model between lightweight outdoor shoes and sturdy hiking boots. They can be used for sporting activities and long hikes. They offer you more stability than casual shoes, but are lighter and more flexible than hiking boots. A cushioning sole makes them very comfortable to wear, even over long periods of time. Hiking shoes are usually waterproof and available as low shoes or boots.

For demanding mountain tours, your foot needs a lot of support and protection. Muddy trails, stony scree and slippery rocky ground require a sturdy mountain boot. With a high shaft, this boot not only gives your feet stability, but also your ankles. A particularly grippy sole profile prevents slipping and gives you a secure step.


Uncomfortable, ill-fitting outdoor shoes can make walking a painful experience, especially if you are out for several hours. A comfortable outdoor trainer protects you from injury and gives your feet optimal support on any surface. It makes sense to buy your shoes a little bigger. For example, if you are going to wear thick hiking socks. As a rule, you should choose a half to a full shoe size larger for your outdoor sports shoes than for your everyday shoes. Padding in the heel area increases the wearing comfort and flat seams prevent the shoe from chafing.


Outdoor shoes in the Keller Sports Shop can be roughly divided into these categories based on the upper materials:

  • Leather shoes
  • Synthetic shoes
  • Shoe models made of mixed materials (natural & synthetic)

Leather is a natural raw material and therefore very robust and adaptable. Leather shoes are particularly breathable and prevent excessive sweating of the feet during physically demanding tours. However, outdoor shoes made of leather are usually somewhat heavier than synthetic shoes.

Synthetic outdoor shoes can be made of nylon, synthetic leather, rubber or polyester, or a mixture of these materials. They are flexible and also water-repellent. Depending on the material, breathability may be lower. Light outdoor and trekking shoes are usually made of polyester or nylon materials. Sturdy mountain boots, on the other hand, are available in both leather and synthetic versions.

Breathable membranes in the shoe transport perspiration to the outside, allowing fresh air to reach your feet and thus ensuring a pleasant foot climate. Waterproof outdoor shoes are suitable for activities in wind and weather. The waterproof membranes also allow your feet to breathe. The workmanship of the seams also has an influence on the waterproofness of the shoe - few and also taped seams hardly let any moisture through, so that your feet stay nice and dry during marches through puddles, mountain streams and snow.

⚠️ By the way: outdoor shoes are not suitable for washing in a washing machine. The best way to care for them is to wash them gently by hand. For drying, stuff the shoes with an old newspaper and put them in a warm place (not directly on the heating!).


Shoes for outdoor use have to be able to do a lot and withstand even more. Depending on the material used, this results in these special features for your shoe and your feet.


  • High wearing comfort
  • High-quality, pleasant materials
  • Breathability
  • Protection against moisture and cold
  • Robustness and durability
  • Secure footing, stability
  • Grip soles, slip resistance


You should take enough time to choose the right outdoor shoe, and it is worth considering exactly what conditions will prevail on your outdoor tour. Discover the latest models in the Keller Sports online shop and find strong companions for your next outdoor adventure. You can find reduced outdoor shoes and cheap discontinued models in our Outdoor Outlet. Be the first to get the latest news on offers, price drops and new outdoor shoes with our Keller Sports newsletter!



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