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Hiking shoes: These types are available

Not all shoes are the same? This also applies to outdoor shoes: there is the right pair for every purpose. Thanks to the current popularity of outdoor sports, hiking shoes are available in many varieties. But with all this variety, how do you find out which shoe is right for you? Keller Sports provides you with an overview: When looking for good hiking shoes, it all depends on what kind of hiking you do. In our shop you will find the right models for:

  • Everyday life and walks,
  • light hikes, for example in the forest
  • trekking and hiking tours through low mountain ranges,
  • demanding tours in medium and high mountains,
  • extreme trekking tours and high mountain hikes with a trekking backpack

Tip: Choose a shoe that suits your favourite hiking area.

Before buying, think about which hikes you mainly do. For flat ground and forest floors, sandals or closed-toe shoes are sufficient in summer. If you are hiking in the mountains and on unpaved paths, your trekking shoes should ideally be ankle-high. The higher shaft protects your feet from twisting and gives them a secure hold. For stony terrain or in winter, hiking boots are also suitable.

What kind of sole profile do your trekking shoes need?

Good hiking shoes have soles specially designed for unpaved paths. They are thicker and more robust than your casual shoes. When hiking, do not wear street shoes in which you can quickly slip or twist your ankle. The sole of a hiking boot has a grippy, coarser-textured tread with steeper serrations that provide firm grip even on uneven trails and keep you from slipping.

Do your hiking boots fit well?

If you want to buy hiking boots, make sure they fit properly. Shoes that are too small will pinch and shoes that are too big will cause blisters. Don't assume that the size you buy your street shoes in is the right size for trekking shoes. Your toes need enough room to move? especially when going downhill. If they bump into each other at the front, pressure marks will appear. In addition, you will wear thick hiking socks in your shoes, at least in winter. Therefore, choose a half or full size larger than usual. You have found the ideal fit when the shoe is tight at the heel and midfoot and there is still about a centimetre of space at the toes.

Attention to material & workmanship

Good hiking boots not only offer you a secure hold, but also protection against moisture and dirt, as well as a comfortable feel. The functional material used in the shoes is decisive for the quality, and you should pay particular attention to it.

Either leather or synthetic material is used for trekking shoes. Leather is relatively heavy, but very durable. It is usually suede or nubuck leather, often combined with synthetic materials to reduce weight. The upper material of synthetic fibre shoes is made of Codura or mesh, for example, and the inner lining is made of nylon or Gore-Tex. These fabrics are water-repellent, breathable and wick moisture away from the foot to the outside. The soles are made of a non-slip rubber compound. They are shaped to allow your feet to roll naturally.

Leather or synthetic fibre? That is entirely up to your personal preference. Both materials provide the necessary properties for good trekking shoes. Thanks to the combination with synthetic materials, leather shoes are not as heavy today. So it's mainly a question of taste which version you choose. Leather looks more elegant, while synthetic fibre shoes look very sporty. At Keller Sports you can choose from a wide range of both options.

Tip: Hiking shoes are either sewn or glued. The fewer seams they have, the more waterproof they are.

Advantages & disadvantages of trekking shoes

Depending on the design and material, hiking shoes have different advantages and disadvantages. Also, not every shoe is suitable for every terrain and every foot. We have summarised the advantages and disadvantages for you.

+ Strengths

  • Non-slip, optimum grip on all terrains
  • Offer protection from twisting an ankle
  • Durable & robust
  • Water repellent & breathable

- Weaknesses

  • Slightly heavier for leather shoes
  • Leather needs a little more care than synthetics


If you want to buy hiking shoes, you should consider a few factors. Keller Sports offers hiking shoes of the best quality and in many designs. The right model fits comfortably and offers your feet secure support. Does the shoe fit perfectly? Are the sole and tread suitable for rough terrain? The material is water-repellent and breathable? Then you have found the right pair of trekking shoes.



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