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Booster Set Unisex

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Adding a vibrating core to a classic BLACKROLL® takes the fascia training massage effect to a whole new level. The vibrations produced by the core improve the deep-tissue effects on your muscles, reduce symptoms of fatigue and relieve tension. The set consists of the BLACKROLL® and the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER. Thomas Stops - Keller Sports Pro

The vibrating core is the perfect addition to the classic BLACKROLL®. The easy-to-use vibration stimulates your body tissue and effectively aids the effects of the fascia roll. Regular use will relieve pain, encourage circulation and optimise recovery.

The integratable vibrating BLACKROLL® BOOSTER is a function-enhancing addition for the BLACKROLL®. The integrated Vibra Motion technology makes the fascia roll vibrate. The oscillating vibrations have a deep-muscle massage effect that targets tension in the body tissues and relieves it.


  • Maximal frequency rate of 12 - 56 Hz
  • Precise, infinitely variable intensity
  • Developed and made in Germany; ISO- and TÜV-certified
  • Lithium-ion battery, micro USB port (compatible with any USB charger)
  • BLACKROLL® BOOSTER booklet incl. user manual
  • Dimensions: 296 x 62 mm
  • Weight: 940g

    • Art. No.: FEQBK015001
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