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Caipi Unisex Cycling Helmet

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Caipi boasts a lightweight construction, while it features 22 individual ports for optimum cooling, as well as integrated ventilation built into the lightweight visor. Head coverage is generous, offering the increased protection required for off-road riding. Along with all-round good coverage, the extended rear section – featuring additional ventilation – covers the back of the head down to a line level with the base of the skull. The neat peak offers protection from spray, trail debris and the sun. Rider comfort is improved by the inclusion of thermoformed padding and KASK’s Octo Fit system, which enables the helmet to cradle the head for optimum safety and fit during long days in the saddle. This can be adjusted even further using the Custom Fit Divider on the strap, helping to ensure the perfect fit of the strap under the chin.


  • 22 ports
  • Thermoformed padding
  • Octo Fit adjustment system
  • Custom fit divider on strap
  • Lightweight polypropylene visor
  • EU, US and AUS safety standards
  • Weight: 250 g (M size)


    • Art. No.: BSHKK00D000
    • MPN 50119012
    • Please note To prevent fraud, we scan the serial number of every product sold.