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If you are looking for a light, flexible and above all comfortable multi-functional shoe, the new AEROX GTX® models are the perfect choice. Thanks to innovative GORE SURROUND® technology, an optimal environment for the foot and the highest level of comfort are guaranteed at all times. This sporty all-rounder is also equipped with cushioned LOWA DynaPU®, a stabilising frame and LOWA MONOWRAP® to ensure it can meet the high demands placed on it by modern mountaineers.


  • LOWA Rubber Outsole: Conceived and developed by LOWA, this rubber outsole varies in its rubber blend has a tread design with varying lugs, both factors based on intended use. The advantage is a rubber outsole with good traction in the backcountry and off trail.
  • Support Frame: A higher wrap web construction gives the user good support for off-trail and backcountry use.
  • DynaPU®: A LOWA-exclusive development. Optimised PU foam (polyurethane) for outstanding cushioning and rebound properties.
  • Double Injection: Comfort and cushioning is further improved for specific uses with a complex injection-moulding process using a layering process.
  • Soft Stabilizer: Nylon joint-stabilizing element offers optimal support for recreational activity.
  • GORE-TEX® Surround: Technology that provides a constantly ideal foot climate and 360° breathability due to clever system of ventilation channels.

    • Art. No.: OSCLW147000
    • MPN 320625-6119
    • Category Hiking shoes