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Alba Men

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The ?politex? material is constructed of several overlapping layers with different physical-mechanical properties, the compacted PVC is then coupled to two fabrics (knitted fabric felt) that is then is film dyed for long-lasting color retention. ?Politex? offers strong resistance to ripping, laceration, stretching and fading. ?Politex? is made in strict compliance with European regulations and is a totally ?green? product.

SIDI's TECHNO-3 SYSTEM dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit. SIDI's famously reliable and replaceable closures are improved by an all new proprietary SIDI Wire material that is completely non-binding for intuitive and effortless on-the-fly adjustments. Like most SIDI small parts, the TECNO-3 BUCKLE is serviceable and replaceable.

The MILLENNIUM 4 CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE features injected carbon fibre in a matrix of Nylon, providing more rigidity than a standard nylon sole. The MILLENNIUM 4 CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE is also more durable, completely non-water-absorbent and mechanically stable, meaning it's less susceptible to changes in stiffness resulting from ageing, prolonged usage, and changes in temperature or humidity. The reinforced heel keeps the foot in an optimal position and avoids the shoe being deformed by extreme performance or prolonged pressure.


  • Politex upper
  • Tecno-3 closure system
  • Millenium 4 Carbon Composite sole
  • Reinforced heel
  • Replaceable polyurethane heel padding

    • Art. No.: BSCII004000
    • MPN 10113_white/black/red
    • Please note To prevent fraud, we scan the serial number of every product sold.