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In the Keller Sports range you can find highly functional multi-purpose running clothes from all of the famous manufacturers. Apart from our KSPME ®, the Keller Sports Product Matching Engine, you can also get great advice from our team of experts. We have the perfect deal for just about every season and every runner. Not only are design and functionality taken into account, but the newest trends too. In our online shop you can buy running clothes at great prices and have them delivered quickly right to your door. Of course you could simply go for a run in a cotton T-Shirt but synthetic breathable material is much better suited to strenuous activity. Material that draws perspiration away from the skin and provides enough ventilation is the only suitable fabric for running. With the right running clothes you´re prepared to run in any weather, because the running clothes material should let moisture out but should not let it in! If you have proper running clothes, not even the rain can stop your run!


While you´re running, your body should maintain an average temperature, which is why you´re better off wearing clothes that suit the season and the current weather. Breathable materials work better if they fit snugly to the body, and if you have very light coloured skin, you might benefit from wearing some sun cream before you go for a run, but luckily some manufacturers produce clothing with included UV protection, so only the uncovered body parts need sun cream! A cap is just the finishing touch to your running kit, as it can help you avoid sunstroke. If it gets colder outside, you can start wearing the layered-look by putting on various layers. The advantage of wearing various layers is that you get a good airflow between the single layers of running clothing, which stops you getting cold. During the chillier seasons we recommend you choose tight-fitting running pants made out of breathable material. A very practical addition is that many manufacturers add a little pocket in the long pants which can be used to store small essentials such as your keys or your media player. The most important thing is that whatever you take with you on your run does not hinder your training. If it really is cold outside, you can wrap up even more with gloves and a hat. If you often run in the dark or in low light conditions, you should also choose clothes with light-reflective details so you are seen by drivers even in the dark, so if you run on the road you are perfectly safe from the traffic. Certain running underwear can also help you a lot during a run, especially if you are a woman who needs support and moisture management, it also rounds off the perfect sporty look. During a run a lot depends on your feet of course! Not only do you need perfectly fitting running shoes, but running socks too; choosing the right ones can protect you from irritation and even blisters, and they can also help you keep your feet fresh, clean and healthy. At Keller Sports you can find all this and more in the running clothes department!


Manufacturers have developed many different functional elements that can make running clothes multi-purpose, because those who run in cotton T-Shirts risk getting a cold due to the lack of perspiration-control properties offered by the fabric. This means that cotton will simply absorb the perspiration and make it stick to the skin, instead of drawing it away and keeping your skin dry. Fashion of course also plays an important role when it comes to choosing running clothes. Here at Keller Sports you can find all the best collections from your favourite manufacturers. Choose your running clothing depending on your needs and fashion tastes, and if design isn´t a big deciding factor for you, check out our sale sections to grab some bargains.


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