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High-quality ski clothing is the key to feeling comfortable during winter sports activities in the mountains and to being able to perform at your best. The multi-layer principle ("onion principle"), i.e. the composition of ski clothing from different layers, has proven itself universally:

  • Baselayer (base layer)
  • Midlayer (intermediate layer)

Outer layer (outer layer of clothing)

The first layer of clothing consists of close-fitting thermal underwear - the functional underwear should be breathable and moisture-regulating. In addition to its purely thermoregulatory function, classic ski underwear, which can also be worn while cycling or running, also promotes blood flow to the local muscles due to its close-fitting cut, so that they can work optimally even in winter. Ski socks that fit perfectly are just as important, as this is the only way to ensure an optimal fit of the ski boot, which significantly increases safety on the slopes.

Functional underwear as a baselayer, which is particularly comfortable, breathable and quick-drying. Jumpers, hoodies or waistcoats serve as warming midlayers. The outer layer is crucial, i.e. high-performance ski jackets and ski trousers. Today's models leave hardly anything to be desired. Here, clever cuts are combined with high-tech materials, clever equipment details and stylish design. With a good jacket and matching ski trousers, not only skiing but winter sports in general become a pleasure.


In addition to the onion principle, ski suits or ski overalls have also established themselves as professional ski clothing. Depending on the type of ski suit, the warming midlayer layer can be dispensed with here, as most ski suits have highly functional thermal insulation.


Good ski jackets are equipped with a snow skirt. This is an extra layer at the end of the hem that closes tightly with Velcro or buttons. Snow skirts are also available for ski trousers. Removable snow skirts allow the ski jacket to be used as a normal outdoor jacket. The seams of most ski jackets and ski trousers are taped - so that no water can penetrate from the outside. Many ski jackets can be combined with matching ski pants. This protects even better than a snow skirt. On the other hand, separate jackets and pants offer more flexibility and better ventilation. The technique of body mapping is interesting: the manufacturers of modern ski clothing have thought about which material is ideal for which body zones. Stretch is used where you need mobility. Waterproofness dominates in strategically important zones, while in others the winter sports jacket is specially optimized to wick away sweat. In this way, a high-quality jacket offers a perfect compromise between protection and mobility, as well as between moisture protection and breathability. Various ventilation zips allow you to regulate the climate individually. This allows you to optimally alternate between sweaty exertion and cooling rest phases. High-quality ski jackets for winter sports offer a selection of cleverly arranged pockets. Make sure they match your personal preferences - it's worth it! With certain models, removable hoods and snow collars offer a high degree of flexibility, so that you can quickly configure the jacket differently depending on the activity and weather conditions.


In the area of ski trousers and jackets, our online shop also leaves nothing to be desired, as you can find the right product for every budget and purpose. Our wide range of products also includes high-quality ski textiles from various established manufacturers, which are suitable for a wide variety of climatic conditions and are also characterized by the fact that they can be used and combined flexibly according to the external conditions. In line with our company philosophy, you will find products in our online shop that our Sport Pros have found to be good, which are convincing not least because of their material properties and accordingly guarantee the highest level of quality and functionality at a reasonable price.



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