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Sports clothing and shoes for women by famous brands- complete with professional advice.

As an ambitious athlete you know that it is important for women to wear the right clothing to training, in order to have success. You can feel the difference straight away when you try on your new sports clothes and with it you benefit from a better fit and higher functionality! Here at Keller sports we work solely with trained personnel that advise you in every way possible. It's not just about the fit but also modern fashion sense and a certain lifestyle. Take a look at our extensive collection and you will find women's sports clothes for every occasion. We use modern technology in order to get the most out of our online services. Firstly we developed the "Keller Sports Matching Engine" (KSPME for short) with which you can create a unique checklist for women's clothing and compare these with search results specifically chosen by our website.

Sports shoes for women- increased running comfort and minimum risk of injury.

Every step is different, what you often find is that there is a long adjustment period when you buy a new shoe. Therefore you must choose the best possible sports shoe for you. You need one that will adapt to your foot's different dimensions. One of the most common problems is over-pronation, an inward directed tread. This is extremely important because without knowing of this movement you wouldn't be able to properly cushion your feet from the impact. Mizuno has a "Support Shoe" developed with its "Wave Paradox". This prevents over-pronation and simultaneously lessens the strain on the muscles. As a result you can run for longer without compromising on comfort or protection.

Alternatively you could have an outward directed tread. In this instance, you would need to put more weight on the lateral side of the shoe and require softer cushioning. Together, through our lives chats and hot lines we have found suitable sports clothing for women. Whether it's a trendy training hoody, sporty tank or moisture-absorbing running shorts - the brand diversity at Keller Sports gives you all this from a single source.

Shipping is free on orders over 150 EUR!

We believe that it's really easy to discover and try the new technologies and brands in our range. Orders over 150 EURO receive free shipping and returns. Orders are sent out the same day if you order before 4 o'clock. If you order on a Thursday you can have your package delivered to you as early as Saturday!

Want to know what's currently hot and what can be combined? Then take a look at our reviews. Experts from all sporting professions discuss women's sports shoes and all other related topics. You yourself are an active athlete and know exactly what it takes.

Keller sports is more than just an online retailer.

At Keller Sports we are really fond of details, so much so that each product must meet our own quality standards. Only products that have been tested by our team and have all aspects of modern sportswear for women can be found in our range. By using the KSPME search bar you can easily find clothing or other equipment that makes you look like a pro and suits your own personal taste - such as women's sports shoes.

We know that you always want to look good, so we provide a selection of over 30 well-known brands. As a specialist shop, we always have an eye on innovations in the field of running shoes and other sports and fitness so that we can offer you an incredible variety of women's sports shoes. If you have any questions, contact us on live chat, email or by phone with the area codes for your specific country.



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